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The Paul Slavens Show: Live Blog for November 27, 2011

by Paul Slavens 27 Nov 2011 7:51 PM

Hope you had a great holiday weekend and didn’t eat too much. I”ve got some cool tunes to unwind with. This is where you can leave your polite comments and wonderful music suggestions for future shows.


Hello and welcome!
Hope you had a great holiday weekend and didn’t eat too much. I”ve got some cool tunes to unwind with. This is where you can leave your polite comments and wonderful music suggestions for future shows.

New to me this week:
Adrian Lux
The Ditty Bops
The Oh Sees
Thurl Ravenscroft
The Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble

Diana Krall – “The Look Of Love” – The Look Of Love
Caetano Veloso –
“Doideca; Incidental: London – London” – Livro
Neil Young – “Trans Am” – Sleeps With Angels
Ishi – “Disco Queen” – Disco Queen
Tune-Yards – “You Yes You” – W H O K I L L
The Jesus And Mary Chain –
“Nine Million Rainy Days” – Darklands (DMD)
OK Go – Muppet Show Theme Song – Muppets: The Green Album
Barry Adamson – “Strait ‘Til Sunrise” (Radio Edition) – Sunday in Bed Vol. 4
Adrian Lux –
“Teenage Crime” (Radio Edit) – Teenage Crime
Lightning Hopkins –
“Trouble In Mind” – Live At Newport
Gordon Lightfoot –
“Minstrel Of The Dawn” (Album Version) – Gord’s Gold
The Ditty Bops – “Interlude for Ten Strings” – Summer Rains
Bruce Springsteen –
“Paradise” – The Rising

The Bee Gees – “I Started A Joke” – Best Of Bee Gees – Vol. 1
The Oh Sees – “You Will See This Dog Before You Die” – The Master’s Bedroom Is Worth Spending a Night In
Dr. Dog –
“The Unicorn” – Twistable – Turnable Man: A Musical Tribute To The Songs of Shel Silverstein
Merle Haggard and The Strangers – “Mixed Up Mess Of A Heart” (2001 Digital Remaster) – I’m A Lonesome Fugitive
Peopleodian – “Strange Machine” – It Woke The Moon!
Renaissance –
“Midas Man” (LP Version) – Novella
Jimmy Durante –
“I’ll See You In My Dreams” (Album Version) – Jimmy’ Durante’s Way Of Life
The Residents –
“Perfect Love” – Commercial Album
The Residents –
“The Act Of Being Polite” – Commercial Album
Thurl Ravenscroft –
“You’re A Mean One – Mr. Grinch” – How The Grinch Stole Christmas
Emiliana Torrini –
“Ha Ha” – Me And Armini
The California Ramblers Vernon Dalhart – “
Everything is HotsyTotsy Now” – California Ramblers 2 CD274A Part 1 of 4
Gong – “The Pot Head Pixies” – Flying Teapot
Geri Allen with Charlie Haden – Paul Motian
– “Dolphy’s Dance” – Etudes
Blonde Redhead – “Dr. Strangeluv” – 23
The Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble – “Bop” – Mr. Machine

  • Is this the night we get to hear some Ben Higginbotham music off his new EP?

  • tom waits – back in the crowd
    Sam Phillips – I wanted to be alone
    Jackson C Frank – Tumble in the Wind (version 1)
    Bob Dylan – Black Diamond Bay

  • Richard Tuck

    I would like to hear something off Flatworld’s “ether sunday” LP… how about “Astronauts” or “Snowcones”? (

    • Paul Slavens

      Remember my friends, I put all this weeks music together earlier in the week, so any suggestions you make tonite will be for next week. Lets hear em !!!!
      Thanks to you early birds, I think I am playing a bunch of yours Regan.

  • Thanks Paul, it should be really ****** **.

  • You can use asterisks on the blog, can’t you?

  • Rayne

    Thanks for playing Gong and the Ditty Bops.
    How about more local musicians like Darrin Kobetich, and Clint Niosi?

  • Jennifer

    Love The Welcome Wagon, and I hear they have a new CD out.

  • Cynthia

    Love your show!
    Great tunes!

    How about Joe Bonamossa’s “When the Fire Hits the Sea” and “When the Sun Goes Down”?

  • This is one of the easier “diverse” radio shows for me to get into. I don’t know what I like about it so much, but you play a lot of good music. Thanks.

    I’m in a local band called Senor Fin, we play around Denton whenever we can. It would be really cool if you could play one of our tracks on your show.

    You can find us here:
    And if I played a track, I would play Contented Slumbers.

    And I wouldn’t mind hearing some Maps and Atlases, or something from this quirky band called Dovekins.

  • Alex

    How about this band out of Texarkana, Buffalo Child? They just released a new single that can be found here.

  • Yet Another James

    I think it would be fun to hear some Zapp. Any track with a talkbox or vocoder would be truly outstanding.

  • Ryan and Matt

    Can we hear Leveling the land by the levellers?? Thanks :]

  • Paul

    If you like the 60’s pop sound, try Petula Clark’s, ‘Don’t Give Up, from 1968. It has a James Bond Theme feel to it, heavy on the trumpets and strings.


  • redz

    w00t! Thanks for the Renaissance, Paul! 🙂

  • Rob Laney

    Thanks for the Grinch tune! Reminds me of the time I sang this with you at Doug and Todd’s Nightmare Before Xmas Party several years ago. Keep up the great work!

    • Paul Slavens

      Thank you faithfull bloggers. I will get at your suggestions and see what I can spin for you next week.
      cheers !

  • Cynthia

    Thurl Ravenscroft was awesome! Ah, the holidays.. 🙂 Would you be interested in playing a little bit of something from Courtney Pine?

  • Kyle

    Hey, thanks for the Rennaissance! Can’t believe you never heard of them. They were exactly what you described – Brit prog/classical/folk rock. Very popular in Austin in the mid 70’s when I was in college in Georgetown. Even played a live show in Dallas about 1981. They have a lot of material out there, all very nice. Probably most popular LP around here was Turn of the Cards in 1974 with a song Mother Russia about Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Much has been re-released on CD about 10 years ago. Let me know if you want more.

  • Thom

    Hey Paul,
    Great Show!
    Couple of Suggestions:
    ‘Fly with Me’ by Pale 3 with Franka Potente from ‘Princess Plus the Warrior’

    And maybe some Peter Murphy or Bauhaus

  • Henry “Hank” Mancini – “Push the Button, Max”, a great, lesser known instrumental from the movie “The Great Race”. I think it ranks up there with Baby Elephant Walk.

  • William

    If I ever get a radio station of my own your the Program director.
    How about some Either/Orchestra. Their ‘ethiopiques Live in Addis’or
    them with Mark Sandman doing ‘Temptation’ or any of their other projects. It’s hard to go wrong. Anything by Pedro Giraudo and his Orchestra. Nice to know obvious segues like Jimmy Durante to the Residents to ‘You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch’ happen Somewhere outside my head. Thanks