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How Do You Connect to the Arts? Darren K. Woods, Danielle Georgiou and Vicki Meek Respond

by Anne Bothwell 18 Nov 2011 3:33 PM

In case you’ve missed them – we’re sharing a few Art&Seek spots that have been airing on KERA Television


If you’ve been watching the PBS Fall Arts Festival, you may have seen some familiar faces. KERA has been asking folks about their connection to the arts in North Texas, and to Art&Seek.  (You’ll see them again tonight during Women Who Rock.)

Darren K. Woods, general director of the Fort Worth Opera, Vicki Meek, manager of the South Dallas Cultural Center, and Danielle Georgiou, dancer, choreographer and writer, have all generously shared their thoughts.

And speaking of generous, we’d like to thank a couple folks who gave us big assistance with production:

Lulu Valdez, Tina Syring and Bolt Productions all helped make the shoot possible.

Mark Gorman and Gorman Sales lent us that fabulous orange chair.

Vicki Meek and Anne Bothwell on the set

Janus et Cie in the Design District also lent us this equally fabulous “forest armchair.”  We couldn’t use it in the shoot because our mics picked up the sound of bracelets and watches tapping against it.  But several on team Art&Seek are coveting it.

Darren Woods

  • Anne, I especially love the photo of you with Vicki Meek. I’m huge Vicki Meek fan, and I love all of the things continually going on at the South Dallas Cultural Center…oh, and btw, I love that you are barefoot in that posted photo!

  • Anne Bothwell

    Thanks Cindy — I was barefoot because we were trying to keep the white paper backdrop clean 🙂

  • Anne, these are great. Terrific work!