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The Paul Slavens Show: Nov. 6, 2011 Live Blog

by Paul Slavens 6 Nov 2011 7:41 PM

This is where you can give me suggestions for music to check out for future shows, or just for fun.


Hope you are enjoying this mild November evening, and I hope you enjoyed last week’s Halloween special. It’s nice to be back in the studio spinning tunes. This is where you can give me suggestions for music to check out for future shows, or just for fun. Please leave links to where the music can be obtained, if you can.
New to me this week:
The Boo Radleys
Naomi Shelton and the Gospel Queens
Clarence Carter
Lanterns on the Lake
Roy Harper
Cilla Black
Panta du Prince
Dale Earnhardt JR. Jr.

Here’s tonight’s setlist:

Harry Nilsson, “For Me And My Gal,” A Little Touch Of Schmilsson In The Night
Korla Pandit, “Tales Of The Underwater Worshippers,” Exotica 2000
Naomi Shelton & the Gospel Queens, “I’ll Take The Long Road,” What Have You Done,  My Brother?
The Boo Radleys, “Butterfly McQueen,” Giant Steps
Vita Brevis, “I Know You Feel,” Vita Brevis
St. Petersburg Radio Symphony Orchestra, “The Carnival of the Animals: Aquarium,” The 99 Darkest Pieces of Classical Music
Clarence Carter, “Slip Away,” This Is Clarence Carter
Lanterns on the Lake, “Keep On Trying ,” Gracious Tide,  Take Me Home
Florence + The Machine, “Remain Nameless,” Ceremonials
Groove Armada, “A Private Interlude,” Vertigo
The B-52’s, “Dance This Mess Around,” The B-52’s
Roy Harper, “Girlie,” China Girl
Led Zeppelin, “Hats Off To [Roy] Harper,” Led Zeppelin III
The Decemberists, “Eli –  The Barrow Boy,” Picaresque
The Beach Boys, “Wind Chimes,” The Smile Sessions
Cilla Black, “Anyone Who Had A Heart,” The Best Of 1963-1978
Pantha du Prince, “Im Bann,” Black Noise
Beirut, “East Harlem,” The Rip Tide
Django Reinhardt, “Rose Room,” The Famous 1936-1937 Recordings
Peopleodian, “Lure Of The Black Hole,” It Woke The Moon!
Squarepusher, “My Red Hot Car,” Go Plastic
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., “Morning Thought,” It’s A Corporate World
Shugo Tokumaru, “Future Umbrella,” Exit
Tom Waits, “Last Leaf,” Bad As Me
Pixies, “Gigantic,” Surfer Rosa
Cocteau Twins, “Heaven Or Las Vegas,” Heaven Or Las Vegas
The Sea and Cake, “The Moonlight Butterfly,” The Moonlight Butterfly
The Bird and the Bee, “Ray Gun,” Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future
Phantogram, “Mouthful of Diamonds,” Eyelid Movies

  • Paul Slavens

    cmon cmon cmon
    lets have some groovy music suggestions.

  • Mike W

    Hey P, been listening a lot to Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou, an Afrobeat group from Benin. Great stuff, as is everything on the Analog Africa label.

  • jordan

    Lets hear some playtime rabbit! thanks, Paul!

  • Ray Worth

    John Mayall – Thoughts About Roxanne. Unfortunately at just over 8 minutes it may be to long.

    • Paul Slavens

      yep, I have a pretty hard cutoff at 6 minutes, and I dont go that long unless its a really heavy track
      but thanks, got any other cuts that you would want to hear?

  • Thom

    Hey Paul,
    How about some Gogol Bordello?

  • Ray Worth

    Anything by John Mayall works for me – also from the same era something from Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac. They were totally different than the wimpy pop band they eventually morphed into.

  • Thom
  • Ray Worth

    The Asylum Street Spankers do a great version of Dance This Mess Around.

  • James Lovell

    How about “Stonehenge” by Spinal Tap? Next week’s show will be only two days after Nigel Tufnel day. Dude, you must…errr or please!

  • Jessica Orosco

    Hey there,
    Some Playtime Rabbit would be fantastic.
    Little Adventure?

  • Thom

    The Decemberists – Eli the Barrow Boy – Awesome song

    For Peter Green with Fleetwood Mac, try ‘Albatross’ or ‘Oh Well Pt 2’ – both wonderful instrumentals.

    As far as wimpy, Fleetwood Mac, over its carrer, was a rhythm section that changed out other members with varying degrees of success. Do you remember Bob Welch?

  • Chip


    Two Cow Garage – Lydia

    Can get it from iTunes or from

    Submarines – Shoelaces

  • Jeff Ryan

    what was that??? that amazing, looping guitar piece?

  • Stephy

    I agree with Jessica– any Playtime Rabbit would be great if you haven’t played some already. “Little Adventure” is my favorite. (:

  • William

    A Host of Artist For your Consideration;Yuri Yanakov,Nawal,Eight Bold Souls,Pedro Giraudo,Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra,Frank McCulloch y sus Amigos,Kiran Ahluwalia,Depedro,Burkina Electric,Te Vaka,Andrew Thomas & Heath Bergersen,Gaida, Krishna Das,Luisa Maita,Sergeant Garcia,Ethiopiques Either/Orchestra, La Exelencia.
    Last but certainly not least Buffy Sainte-Marie her latest Running For The Drum. Caught her and her band as well as Many of these acts at a great music festival called Globalquerque. My new aspiration is to be able to rock half as hard at 70 years young as the great Buffy.

  • Jessica Orosco

    Ledbelly- House of the Rising song. Beautiful

  • Jeff Ryan

    pantha du prince! hadn’t heard that track…great! ‘the splendour’ is my jam at the moment
    great show paul!


  • Andrew

    Have you heard Klaatu’s “Little Nutrino” from 1976?

    • Paul Slavens

      alright , a flurry of groovy comments and suggestions. thanks yall

  • Devon

    hey! how about “the crowd” by cat empire?

  • Ray Worth

    @Thom – Yeah I was sort of ok with the Bob Welch, Fleetwood Mac era but I quit listening to them when Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham joined the band.
    BTW – thanks for the Goglo Bordello link. Very cool, I’ll have to check it out more later.

  • Cynthia


    Your show is WONDERFUL!!!

    Would you be interested in playing something by Brule’ ? (Paul LaRoche)

    I haven’t heard them in a couple of years but seem to recall they “rocked the show” a couple of times.



  • Cynthia

    Once again, I LOVE listening to your show.

    I wouldn’t mind hearing something from Claude Hay, he has an ablum entitled “Deep Fried Satisfied” or Imelda May, perhaps?

    Just a random thought or two.


    • Paul Slavens

      Thanks for the good company, nice comments and excellent music suggestions. See you all right back here next sunday night.

  • decker

    I would love to hear isobel campbell / mark lanegan rambling man. Thx!

  • Danny

    some possible songs for next week: “The Hole” by Glen Phillips; “Fisherman’s Daughter” by Daniel Lanois; “Rhubarb” by MC 900 Ft Jesus.

  • Thom

    How about ‘Nevermore’ from Queen II?