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KERA TV Maintenance: An Update

by Stephen Becker 28 Oct 2011 3:55 PM

KERA TV is still undergoing a critical repair and will be back on the air later than anticipated.


Yesterday, we passed along a note telling you that KERA TV is having a critical piece of equipment replaced and will need to be off the air until 4 p.m. today. I just checked in on the progress, and it seems that the repair is taking a little longer than expected, so the station will not be back on the air by 4 p.m. We will update as soon as we hear that the signal is back up and running; also, you can check kera.org for updates. Thanks for your patience.

  • Ana D

    Will the new PBS kids shows be shown next week? My kids have been anxiously awaiting a new Wild Kratts since they’ve been saying that on Oct. 28 there would be a new one. They were very disappointed that it was not on today! We love your programming and thank you for the great shows for kids!

    • Stephen Becker

      Ana – As far as we know, everything should be back to normal by then.

  • Shirley W

    We are still not receiving PBS as of this morning, 10/31/2011. Do you have any updates as to when the station will be back on the air. QUBO is okay but your PBS programs are what my children look forward to watching. Thank you.

  • Stephen Becker

    Shirley – As far as I know, everything was back to normal at 5:45 pm on Friday. Please let us know if you are still not receiving the station.