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Mystery Photo: What Is It? What Are They For?

by Jerome Weeks 25 Oct 2011 2:56 PM

A sizable and strange convocation of cones — dunce caps? Pre-paint job traffic cones?


A conehead costume shop before Halloween?

Newspaper wraps to be used to hold fish & chips for a new ‘authentic’ British pub?

With the location info that these were found on a plaza at the Quadrangle, a good guess would be they have something to do with Theatre Three.

They’re all part of the backdrop for the set for Theatre Two’s production of It’s Only Life, the musical revue of songs by composer John Bucchino. It opens November 11, and is the second half of the ‘mini-festival’ Bucchino is currently enjoying at Theatre Three with his Broadway musical, A Catered Affair.

Michael Serrecchia, who’s directing It’s Only Life, explained all the cones will be part of a back-wall mural on designer Jeffrey Schmidt’s set. How many? They figured on a thousand, Serrecchia said, but naturally, not being math majors, they got it wrong. There’ll be 1,200 of them. And they’re all The New York Times.

  • Kinda reminds me of Madonna in the 80’s…nudge nudge…

  • Jerome Weeks

    You’re right, I hadn’t thought of that possibility. It’s pre-publicity for the Gaultier show coming to the DMA.