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Art&Seek Plans Your Week

by Nilufer Arsala 24 Oct 2011 11:13 AM

Up this week: Getting prepped for Halloween, KXT’s birthday bash and a historically significant film resurfaces.


Welcome to Monday! Kick the week off right tonight by stopping by SMU to see one of the films from the Tyler, Texas Black Film Collection. Dirty Girtie From Harlem USA will be shown, and a panel discussion moderated by KERA’s Jeff Whittington will follow. On Tuesday, Chuck Palahniuk will be at the DMA for Arts and Letters Live. He’s the guy who wrote Fight Club, and now he has a new novel, Damned, about an 11-year-old girl who wakes up in Hell. Oh, that Palahniuk … always writing such good bedtime stories.

We are inching closer and closer to Halloween, that means that events The Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadowcast and the Denton Day of the Dead Festival have shown up on or calendar. That also means that we are in the last full week of October, so the Dallas Art District’s Art in October is coming to a close. This week, take a tour of the district’s Sacred Spaces, make it down for Aurora (all of the buildings will turn into projection screens, the courtyards will turn into galleries and there will be SOUND!), and be sure to show up for the Closing Celebration. (Zombie party!)

Other notables this week include KXT’s Birthday Bash featuring Fitz and The Tantrums (Happy Birthday!), Undermain Theatre’s Ages of the Moon and Huey Lewis and the News at Billy Bob’s Texas. Mr. Lewis and the News may or may not have been the first cassette tape I ever got… maybe.

As always, sign up for the free weekly Art&Seek e-newsletter so you can stay up to date on everything going on in the arts in North Texas. Today I will leave you with the Pixies song “Where is My Mind?” set to scenes from the movie Fight Club. It was really hard not to post a Huey Lewis video… really, really hard. Have a great week!