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A Contest: Show Your Rangers Pride, In Song

by Anne Bothwell 19 Oct 2011 10:51 AM

Compose a song glorifying the Rangers, to the tune of “The Toreador Song” from Carmen. When the Rangers win, the winning song will be sung by the general director of St. Louis Opera.


In honor of the World Series, Fort Worth Opera and Opera Theatre of St. Louis have agreed to a showdown:  The losing city’s opera company general director will sing a song celebrating the winning city’s team.  The song will be to the tune of “The Toreador Song” from Carmen.

Here’s where you come in: Fort Worth Opera is asking fans to write the song and post it on their Facebook page. If your song glorifying the Rangers is chosen,  when the Rangers win you will have the pleasure of hearing your lyrics warbled, perhaps grudgingly, by  St. Louis Opera  General Director Timothy  O’Leary. AND you will win a special prize from both opera companies.

For inspiration, searched in vain for the famous Simpsons episode in which Bart makes up lyrics to this song. (“Toreador, don’t spit on the floor. Use a cuspidor. That is what it’s for.”)

Settling for a Sesame Street version.