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ArtCon 7: And the artists are….

by Anne Bothwell 12 Oct 2011 12:07 PM

Introducing the artists who will join this year’s Art Conspiracy. Help us complete our link list!


Art Conspiracy is announcing and notifying the lineup of artists who will participate in this year’s event. These folks listed below will all gather on Nov. 11 in the ArtCon warehouse to make pieces of art that will be auctioned off on Nov. 12. If you know em, say congratulations. If you don’t, check them out.

And artists: congratulations. We’re working to assemble a link  list here. If you are not linked, or you’d prefer we link to another site related to you, please just holler – [email protected].

Alison Jardine

Kate Langley

Lisa Lindholm

Andrew Tolentino

Dylan  Hollingsworth

Cara Michelle Smith

Carissa Byers


Kasten Searles

Corey    Godfrey

Kevin   Obregon

Paul Semrad

Joey Seeman

Tanya Meurer

Clint     Scism

Breonny Lee

Dan Colcer

Travis Bush

John     Gonzales

Asher   Roberts

Bianca Elise

Cathey Miller

Richard Ross

Cabe Booth

Robb Conover

Jayme Nourallah

Julie McCullough

Leah Shafer

Kristi   Wipperfurth

simple civilian

Carolina Orozco

Iris Candelaria

Kelsey Kincannon

Kate Schatz

Cathryn  Colcer

Randy Gonzales

Brandy Collins

Jeremiah Trinidad

Michael Cagle

Brian    Price

Linka   Behn

mark    merchant

Sergey Rafael Oganesyan

Kelly    Jacobi

Jennifer M. Ramos

Cydney Ferguson-Brey

Ky Lewis

Amanda Lewis

David   Aubertin

Jennifer Gregory Portz

Karlo Henry Velazquez

Anna Palmer

Dana Turet

Steve    Reeves

Deanna Wilson

Desiree Espada

David Aubertin

Roberto Morales

Jason    Barnett

Laura Rossmurphy

Andie Sterling

Ethan   Land

Daphyne Lyle

Becky   Taylor

Steven Hamilton

Harley Shook

Elizabeth Hatfield

Lucas Varga

Jesse Osborne

Kristi Madden

Barry Kooda

Vanessa Neil

Robbie Michael

Joshua Lynn

Ninotchka Beavers

Javier Valadez

Christeen McKinney

Sara Lovas

Juli Hulcy

Jesus Omar Hernandez

Chris    Panatier

Rebecca Dixon

April Greenlee

Montanna Honeycutt

Kristin Lockhart

Colin Lafleur

Javier Valadez

Dannah Walter

Janet    Reynolds

Lauren McClure

Becky Taylor

Diana   Tate

Christopher      Box

Jennifer Sereno

Sarah   Zamora

Steven Barker

Ekaterina Konovalova

Morrey Taylor

Jacki Johnston

Paul Pena

Amanda Norman

Gina Benson

Indi Jones

Justin Clumpner

Lindsey Bailey

Robin    Smith

Kurt Griesbach

Jake Barnhart

Harley Shook

Kate Colin

Dinah   Montgomery

Amber VanGalder

Robin Walker

Jonathan Brooks

Lisa Taylor

Noah Wipperfurth

David   Wilson

Kyle Confehr

Laura McCracken

Ryan Plesko

Tyson Sommer

Erin Nicole Parisi

Shelley Brant

Daniel Jardine

Chance Foreman

Sully Ridout

Courtney Wooten

Margo Miller

Betty    Peck

Laurie Mahoney

Ashley Jones

Frances Yllana

Katie Galasso

Juli Hulcy

Terri Neal

Kevin Lewis Fougerousse

Susan   Migdol

Jenifer McNeil Baker

Laura Doughtie

Michael  Ledoux

Eva Semrad

Richard Patterson

Haley Moore

Courtney Miles

Mike Arreaga

Nicole Cullum Horn

Scott Horn

Erica Felicella

Ange Fitzgerald