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The Paul Slavens Show: Live Blog for Oct. 9, 2011

by Paul Slavens 9 Oct 2011 7:32 PM

Join Paul on KXT 91.7 tonight and leave him a comment or suggestion here on the blog.


Rain!! At long last ! Hope you are somewhere dry and cozy and ready to rock out to some groovy tunes. This is where you can leave your polite comments and music suggestions. Make sure and leave a link to where the music can be obtained.
New to me this week:
True Wido
Fever Tree
Sharon Van Etten
Manu Dibango
Altered Images
The Exciters
The Judys
KC Booker

  • Paul Slavens

    I am looking forward to a lot of great interesting suggestions. Let em roll !!!

  • Juan

    Here’s a song to get you moving, it’s Fuego by Bomba Estereo:

    Been meaning to share them since I saw them live in Austin weeks ago.

  • James Lovell

    Thanx for the feisty, big fine start to the show! How about “Bodies” by Tall Dwarfs from the Weeville recording for next week?

  • I saw the future of entertainment last week Paul. It’s Toki Toyokazu. He’s a Japanese Elvis impersonator. Listen to him wail on this Jimmie Craine and Al Jacobs classic.

  • Dave Glass

    We are BBQing the rain listening to the show, how about The Wagoneers, they played at the Kessler Friday great show. Other suggestions; anything from Hal Ketchum, Ray Wylie Hubbard, James McMurtry, Joe Ely for a little Americana or John Lee Hooker for blues. Fires hot gotta go! Great show.

  • Mike W

    Yo Paul, recently been turned on to the Chicago band Cave.
    Great krautrock influenced instrumentals:

    • Paul Slavens

      thanks for stopping by , folks. keep them suggestions rolling.

  • Ray Worth

    Crap, I seem to have run out of suggestions. That’s ok I’ll have something by next week. Working 11 nights in a row has caused brain rot.

  • Ray Worth

    Cool Fever Tree – having acid flashbacks 🙂

  • Ray Worth

    Ok Fever Tree sparked a memory. Captian Beyond. I believe they were a spin off of Iron Butterfly.

  • Tony shea

    Hey dj- how about the of standard “Juliet”
    by Dallas local Colin Boyd?

  • Chick Frazier


    Cannot beleive it ! Fired up my old record player the other day.
    Pulled out my old LP’s. Came across Fever Tree two days ago. Fired it up and you talk about a flashback.

    Dennis Keller, John Tuttle, EE Wolfe are / was the main band members
    I am working in my garage ( right now ) and thought about calling to see if you would play Fever Tree. Was gone for 2 minutes, I heard you played it and fliped !
    55 year old dude who stills loves quality music. Am a pround member
    of ktx.

    Play some Eve Cassidy (?) If you have not heard her music, you will will love her.
    PLEASE play what a wonderful life.
    Last recorded live song before she passed.

    • Paul Slavens

      @Chick: that is the exact kind of story that I always hope to have happen when I do my show, especially when I play obscure stuff. Thanks for making my night. Its been a while since I have played any Eve Cassidy. I will do my best to get her on next sunday night. cheers

  • Alison

    I would like to hear Esben & The Witch or Cat’s Eyes. Not necessarily these songs, but here is a link to a video by each:

  • Philip C.

    Greetings from Chicago!

    Loved this program so much that I’m still listening to it live stream despite the AMAZING radio programs they’ve got here in Chicago’s radio. In honor of Björk’s new album coming out, I’ll recommend a Björk-inspired album of cover songs from her album Post, by various indie artists:

    Some of my personal fave cover tracks:
    *”Possibly Maybe” — Final Fantasy & Ed Droste
    *”Isobel” — Xiu Xiu
    *”It’s Oh So Quiet” — Bell
    *”The Modern Things” — High Places

    Also, could you play some Cibo Matto?

    Thanks Paul. Keep spreading spirit to DFW & Denton!

  • Steven

    I was leaving a birthday party in Ft. Worth and the radio started the opening chords of Fever Tree “San Fransisco Girls”. I was transported back to being a kid in Roswell, NM in 1968. I’m home and have pulled the vinyl LP and can’t find a year on it. What a blast

    Look into Balcones Fault, a group out of Austin.

  • Ray Worth

    This ia so awfull i just have to post it 🙂 Vengaboye – We like to party

  • Chick Frazier

    How bout some the Allman Joys. Greg and Duane.
    One of the first they did. Called Early Allman

    Or Doug Sahm. Song is Pappy Aint Salty. Doug Sahm and Band. 1972
    If you have or the listeners have not heard it, it is a classic

  • Dan

    Thanx for the Beefheart and the Judys. I have a vinyl copy of Washarama and no functional turntable, so I really appreciated it.

  • Chick Frazier


    I will not be around next week.
    At least play Sahm. Very few folks know who Sham is. Sir Douglas Quintet , I am About a Mover !!!!!!
    One of the BEST Texas artist of all time.


    • Paul Slavens

      thanks for all the great vibes tonite. I sure love doing the show and I love hearing good things from yall.
      see you next week , rockers.
      peace out.

  • Grayson Griffin

    Please play the live version of a song called FOG.

    The Band is Trampled under Foot. They are a band out of Kansas City.

    Nick Schnebelen
    Kris Schnebelen
    Danielle Schebelen

    Family Blues

    Trampled Under Foot, winners of the 2008 International Blues Challenge, is like no other band you will ever see or hear. Danielle is an amazing blues singer and an excellent bassist. Kris fires right in the pocket on the drums and sings as well. Nick is a strong singer and an accomplished guitarist, winning the 2008 Albert King Award from the IBC.