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Monday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 26 Sep 2011 7:41 AM

Today in the roundup: A dark (and funny) ‘Vigil’ in Fort Worth, a new high-tech recording studio in town and an art philanthropist makes good on a promise.


BEDSIDE MANNERS: Amphibian Stage Productions is currently producing the regional premiere of Vigil. In the two-character show, Jonathan Fielding rushes to the bedside of his dying aunt (Elly Lindsay) only to learn that she’s not quite as close to dying as he thought. Fielding’s Kemp does most of the talking, and the TCU grad makes the most of his many speeches. “He serves up his quirky character in adroitly measured portions and makes us believe in the unbelievable Kemp,” Punch Shaw writes on While Fielding has most of the lines, that doesn’t mean that he’s doing all of the acting. “Lindsay pulls off a pretty amazing feat, too, in that her acting task requires her to use facial expressions, reactions, physical comedy and well-placed inflection on her few lines of dialogue to make it work,” Mark Lowry writes on “She does the image of the lonely but spunky elderly person proud.” Catch it through Sunday.

MAKING MUSIC AT DBU: Dallas Baptist University will unveil a new $5 million recording studio today. The building will be used by students in the school’s music business program and includes everything from sound stages to a Mac lab to classrooms. Russ Berger designed the space, about which he says, “there is no more modern, up-to-date professional recording/production facility anywhere.”

SHIPPING OFF TO CYPRUS: Houston’s Menil Collection is about to lose a pair of frescoes that have been in its collection for more than two decades. But the loss isn’t a surprise. That’s because the Byzantine-era works were part of a long-term loan from Greek Orthodox Church in Cyprus. The Wall Street Journal has the story of how Dominique de Menil bought the works on the black market and devised a plan to show them in Houston before eventually returning them to their home.