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Afternoon Delight: Awesome, Inspiring Data Stream

by Jerome Weeks 15 Sep 2011 12:59 PM

Full-screen this visualization of a complex human data interaction. It’s a beautiful and inspiring demo of person-to-person micro loans. Really.


Intercontinental Ballistic Microfinance from Kiva on Vimeo.

Afternoon Delight is a daily diversion for when you’re just back from lunch, but not quite ready to get back to work. Check back tomorrow at 1 p.m. for another one.

Way to visualize a complex human data interaction, man.

Kiva is the organization that encourages micro loans as a way of combating poverty on a person-to-person basis, creating opportunity around the world with as little as $25. They first hit the big-time, public-attention-wise, when PBS’ Frontline featured it on a program in October, 2006. You can watch the loans begin to spike right then in this amazing video (made with “PHP, GD graphics library, FFmpeg, SQLite, cloud computing, iMovie and caffeine”).

Full-screen this thing to get the glorious spectacle of humans helping humans.

Thanks to GraphJam