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Tuesday Roundup

by Jerome Weeks 13 Sep 2011 8:01 AM

For your morning’s catch-up on arts & culture-type news, we bring you the Tuesday Roundup, with an ill Cliburn pianist, a custom toy art show, a high-tech cave and some new copyright changes.


PIANIST OUT – Tonight’s performance by Louis Lortie at Bass Hall has been changed just a little (pay wall). He’s gone (bronchial infection). Seventeen-year-old Conrad Tao is in.

TOY STORY, TOO – Two years ago, we wrote about local artists getting into designing art toys. Since then, the Kidrobot store at Mockingbird Station was terminated. (Mercifully, ATAMA & Company opened nearby.) And this Thursday, the Vinyl Thoughts Custom Toy Art Show will be held at Quixotic World in Deep Ellum.

HIGH-TECH CAVE – At SMU’s Meadows Art Museum, Echoes of the Past; The Buddhist Cave Temples of Xiantangshan seeks to re-construct a series of 6th-century Buddhist cave temples in Northern China – after centuries of decay and destruction. Once the remains were scanned, media artist Jason Salavon created three high-res videos that allow the viewer, more or less, to step inside one of the caves.

COPYCATS – As a writer, I’m all for copyright protection. But in a move that mostly benefits large corporations and not artists, the European Union has extended music copyright to the life of the author, plus 70 years. It essentially, ahem, copies the American copyright law of 1998.