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Thank Heavens! It's the Friday Roundup At Last!

by Jerome Weeks 9 Sep 2011 8:15 AM

You’ve been waiting for it, haven’t you? I sure have. So I’ve packed a lot in this round-up: Ridglea Theatre’s new tenant, Uptown Players’ new gay pride theater festival, naked actors, more on the Kimbell’s new wall-covering and a rounding-off of other news.


MOON OVER RIDGLEA – It’s a definite move up from hosting 200 people getting their groove on to mebbe 600 people doing the same, but Chris Maunder is planning to make the move. Maunder is owner of the respected, TCU-neighborhood, indie music venue, The Moon, and he’s gonna take that business to the venerable Ridglea Theatre, saved last year from demolition by Jerry “Gas Pipe” Shults. The FWWeekly’s got the story.

PRIDE IN SEPTEMBER – Actually, the national Gay Pride Month is June, but in Dallas, we have the Gay Pride Parade in September because, I like to think, gays were smart enough not to hold a parade in Dallas in June, not one involving drag queens at any rate. So ’round about now, September brings with it cooler weather and events like the Uptown Players’ first-ever Dallas Pride Performing Arts Festival. There happens to be a ton of art-related stuff opening this weekend in North Texas, like the Tony Cragg sculpture show at the Nasher, the Jewish Film Festival and Kitchen Dog’s In the Next Room, but Uptown’s baby has nine days of musicals, new play premieres and cabaret acts. Check out The Voice‘s rundown.

THE KIMBELL’S NEW BUY – The great yard-sale bargain that the Kimbell picked up (a premium-quality Poussin for the low-low-low figure of $23 million and change) got very lengthy, front-page attention from the DMN (pay wall) and the Star-Telegram but mostly just a doffing of the cap from the NYTimes.

ENTER, NAKED – Remember the extensive stage nudity in Second Thought Theatre’s production of Red Light Winter? Well, I do, because I wrote about it extensively. (If you must know it was very well handled — the nudity and my writing about it.) Now the Wall Street Journal (pay wall) asks that perennial question: How do the actors handle it?

ROUNDING OFF THE ROUNDUP – Gaile Robinson reviews African headgear at the Dallas Museum of Art… the great Richard Brettell is off to Cambridge University to present a series of lectures and a symposium on the style, politics and ‘relativity’ of Impressionism… Echotone, the Austin music doc about how Austin’s gonna lose all its coolness and music to booming real estate (something that’s been happening since Austin was founded), got a good review in the NYTimes … and Guide does a round-up of all those food trucks hitting our streets but which I can never find in the Arts District, even though it says here six of them make regular stops there.