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The Paul Slavens Show: Live Blog for August 28, 2011

by Paul Slavens 28 Aug 2011 7:37 PM

Well, football season is upon us, and I appreciate you being here. This is where you can leave your polite comments and wonderful music suggestions.


Hey, there.

Well, football season is upon us, and I appreciate you being here. This is where you can leave your polite comments and wonderful music suggestions. Please leave a link where the music can be found.
New to me this week:
Concrete Blonde
Shelley Fabreres
Steve Lehman Octet

Here’s tonight’s setlist:

Björk, “Crystalline,” Crystalline
Tennessee Ernie Ford, “Sixteen Tons,” Vintage Collections
Electric Light Orchestra, “After All (Album Version),” Secret Messages
Slobberbone, “Engine Joe,” Barrel Chested
Florence + The Machine, “Addicted To Love,” Lungs: The B-Sides
Robert Johnson, “Malted Milk,” The Complete Recordings
Gary Numan, “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?,” Replicas
Patti Smith, “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” Outside Society
Charles Mingus, “Self-Portrait In Three Colors,” Ah Um
Andrew Bird, “Bein’ Green,” Muppets: The Green Album
Little Dragon, “Summertearz,” Ritual Union
Johnny Rivers, “Summer Rain,” Johnny Rivers Greatest Hits
Death Cab For Cutie, “Summer Skin,” Plans
The Lettermen, “Theme From A Summer Place,” Capitol Collectors Series
Tom Waits, “Bad As Me,” Bad As Me (single)
Concrete Blonde, “Ghost Of A Texas Ladies Man,” Recollection: The Best Of Concrete Blonde
Count Basie & Joe Williams, “Every Day,” The Definitive Joe Williams
The Cush, “Denver,” Between The Leaves
Eddie Harris, “I Need Some Money,” I Need Some Money
Knife, “Kino,” The Knife
Shinyribs, “East TX Rust,” Well After Awhile
Do Make Say Think, “Horns of a Rabbit,” Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn
Shelley Fabares, “Johnny Angel,” The Best Of Shelley Fabares
Steve Lehman Octet, “Echoes,” Travail, Transformation and Flow
Blind Lemon Jefferson, “Hot Dogs,” The Best Of Blind Lemon Jefferson
Peggy Lee, “Is That All There Is?,” The Best Of Miss Peggy Lee
Bryan Ferry, “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes,” More Than This: The Best of Bryan Ferry And Roxy Music
Nancy Sinatra, “You Only Live Twice,” You Only Live Twice Soundtrack
The Platters, “Goodnight Sweetheart, It’s Time To Go,” The Platters Fifty Favorites

  • Paul Slavens

    Hey there Hi there Ho there,
    I am here and ready for all communication.

  • Ron Bulla

    Wow. What a great lineup!
    Etta James’ “Never My Love” is an interesting cover of the huge hit from the Association in 1967. I hadn’t heard Etta’s version until recently. A beautiful song.

  • Ron Bulla
  • Chris

    man I heard a song Wed or Thur night some time . Not sure which show it was but you guys played a song that was all about problems and it was really cool . I’d like to hear it again but I dont know the female artist name or the name of the song . I hope you can help me find what I’m looking 4 , Thanks

  • Regan

    Have you heard of Kurdish Turbo Folk? Me neither. Until Bruce Sterling tweeted this on twitter.

    Mehdi Gorani – Zor xosh halparke Gal Gal Nazdaran

    Maybe you could play some of this? Where you’ll get a copy though, I dunno.

  • John Gallant

    I found the blog! I found the blog!

    Now to see if it works, or rather if I can make it work for me!

    How about some Ernest Ranglin?

  • Chris

    man I stepped out 4 a min and when I walked back in I heard ya mention problem , man did I miss it ? crud

  • Loving this show, Paul! Well done, sir(e). So, if’n you have time I’d love to hear some R. Stevie Moore. I’d love to hear anything by him, but “I like to stay home” is a favorite of mine. If not, Pixies? Daniel Johnston? MIA? I’d love anything by those folks!

  • Tom

    Thank you Paul

    • Paul Slavens

      Nice to hear from you all, glad you found your way here ! I already have all tonights music picked and programmed, so these suggestions will be in the hat for next week. @Chris- I am not sure how to find out what was played on the station, unless you can find the playlist for whatever program was playing at the time you were listening, sorry I cant be more help, I just do my own show here.

  • Steve

    How about “Old Red Eyes Is Back” by The Beautiful South. I’ve always liked this story song.



  • Brad Quinn

    How about “Don’t Get Around Much Anymore”? I’d like to hear the version by The Ink Spots if you’ve got it.

  • “When the Levee Breaks” – First recorded in 1929. Artist of your choice. Warning – very bluesy when done right.

  • RockyG

    “Sittin here pickin’ the blues” by Doc and Merle Watson might fight in tonight. GREAT SHOW!

  • RockyG

    I meant FIT in, dangit~

  • Paul North

    Hey Paul! Great show tonight. Hoping you could play “To the Other Man” by Luther Ingram if you have it!

  • Shalyn

    On Fresh Air last Friday, they had on the guys that wrote “You Ain’t nothing but a Hound Dog” for one Big Momma Thornton. They played a bit of her 1952 recording of it. Nothing against Elvis, but the re-written version he sang was pretty watered down by comparison. Think you could play that or something else of hers?

  • Brad Quinn

    @Chris – the playlists can be found here I’ve also put them on Google docs for my own use, but I’ve shared them,

  • Elisa Mitchem

    I’ve never awaited an album release like I have for the latest New Villagers’.

    If you have the means, please play Rich Doors and

    NewVillagers. lighthouse and/or Rich Doors

  • Andrew

    Have you played Sia before? I really like her song “Cloud”

    Live on Youtube:

    Her most well known song is “Breath Me”

    • Paul Slavens

      Great!!Thanks for the info and the cool suggestions and links, I get real excited when I see all these ideas for next week start to pile up !!!
      More !

  • Amy Bishop

    Mancini always goes good with Sunday evenings.

  • Russell

    Chris Rea – Texas

  • mark

    I would love to hear some dear hoof.
    I haven’t. Heard its good.

    • Paul Slavens

      @Mark- Deerhoof -my favorite modern rock band, hands down. I have to force myself not to play them every week.

  • If you get a chance to listen to some of these tunes.

  • Ernie Burkett

    Please play San Francisco Nights thanks!!! (an old hippy song)

  • Paul Muller

    Have you ever heard “Old Master Painter” by Mel Torme’ & Peggy Lee? It’s a fun upbeat oldie that you might like.

  • Tom

    That last song got me out of my chair

    Suggestions for next week:

    Lucinda Williams w/ Elvis Costello, ‘Jailhouse Tears’, from Little Honey

    Chris Isaak, ‘Graduation Day’, from Forever Blue

    Prairie Fest – 2011 – Do you have any Pablo and the Hemphill Seven?

  • redz

    Paul – hey GREAT show tonight! How about ‘Breakaway’ by Big Pig? Also, a couple of GREAT oldies: ‘Polk Salad Annie’ by Tony Joe White and ‘Guitarzan’ by Ray Stevens (hilarious–‘shut baby, I’m trying to sing’!). Would love to hear those too. Thanks a mill!

  • Eric

    Hey Paul,
    The show, as always, is sounding great tonight.
    A couple suggestions for next week:
    The Red Elvises (anything from them it’s all good)
    Dumpstapunk (soul power or shake it off)

    Thanks and keep it up.

  • redz

    p.s. I seem to recall a little Dallas band called ‘Ten Hands’…why not play some of them? 🙂

  • Paul Slavens

    Yikes ! I kinda shy away from playing my own music on the show, it kinda makes me feel icky. But thanks.
    As for the rest of the suggestions, thanks and I will get after it.

  • Tom

    Big Pig – Great Sugesstion

  • khaki

    really dug the steve lehman octet. do it some more. how about some hatfield and the north, canterbury-grown prog rock that’s arguably the best of the genre. maybe ‘share it’ to get started, not too long and pretty accessible. also anything from magma’s classic “Mekanïk Destruktïw Kommandöh,” or MDK, 1973. saw them in london on that tour and totally destroyed my brain. holy crabs. ps- randy newman arranged that peggy lee you just played. it’s brilliant.

  • April

    My daughter loves Queen and she’s still awake listening to your show even though it’s a school night.

  • Lee

    Love everything, but especially loved the Steve Lehmen! And Eddie Harris..I was lucky enough to play him a few times in the 80s (in AR, that’s how that was possible), and he was a wizard. He would scat for 30 a capella choruses on an F blues. He said Al Jarreau and Bobby M. stole their shit from him.

    • Paul Slavens

      Thanks so much everybody, so many great suggestions and wonderful comments.
      Cant wait for next week.

  • April

    Of course, I’m sure she’ll be listening next week too. Thanks for a fun night of music 8)

  • Andrew

    I just thought that I would comment on Nancy Sinatra’s “You Only Live Twice” James Bond Sound Track that you played tonight. I Love It! Almost anything that Nancy sings is so wonderfully 60’s. My favorite 2 songs by her are “Sugartown” and “Ladybird” with Lee Hazelwood.

  • James

    I second Joe’s request for “I like to stay home”

  • Daniel Westmoreland

    “The Weight” Corey Johnson and The Axe Handlers

  • redz

    Hey Paul, another oldie but goodie: how about Melanie’s “I got a brand new pair of rollerskates, you got a brand new key”? Most folks under a certain age may not even know what that means!