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Wednesday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 24 Aug 2011 7:58 AM

Today in the roundup: Fort Worth’s Burning Hotels on their new sound, poking around the DMA’s archives and DSM’s 2012 season.


ABOUT FACE: Fort Worth’s Burning Hotels have built up a local fan base through its straight-ahead rock sound and its 2010 album, Novels. Now the band is hoping that its fans will stick around after hearing the new self-titled album. That’s because the sound is very different from what the Hotels are known for. The band members spoke with about risking what they had already built by heading in a new direction.

OFFICE SPACE: The DMA’s Uncrated Blog has a new feature in which readers are given a photographic behind-the-scenes tour of a department at the museum. Up this month – the archives. If there was a department that would be fun to just poke around in one day, this would probably be it.

DSM’S 2012 SEASON: The Dallas Summer Musical’s 2012 season has been revealed. Notice I didn’t say “announced.” Credit Mark Lowry over at for having an alert eye. He noticed a sign in front of the Music Hall trumpeting the new season. Some of it we knew about, but Bring it On! is a surprise.