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Monday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 22 Aug 2011 8:12 AM

Today in the roundup: Assessing a pair of plays, plus finding out what it takes to be an art preparator.


GIVING THE BARD A BREAK: Stolen Shakespeare Guild is taking a quick hiatus from its namesake to focus on a 20th Century master. The Cole Porter musical Anything Goes is about as chock-full with memorable tunes as any show, and the reviewers have mostly liked what they’ve seen. “Despite a few weak spots in the production’s farther reaches, on the whole, it’s delovely,” Punch Shaw writes on Mark Lowry found some things to like but also noted in his review that, “the dialogue and interactions between most of the players in this cast should be snappier.” Judge for yourself through Sept. 4.

THE ‘WILD’ WEST: Theatre Three is involved in a little time travel in its season opener. It’s bumped John O’Keefe’s 18th century comedy Wild Oats up a century, moving the action to 1800s Muleshoe, Texas. And this one has the critics sharply divided. “Director Bruce R. Coleman has whipped up a delicious froth that hits the spot during these torrid summer days. He has found a cast that can dish out the folly in high style,” notes Lawson Taitte on Meanwhile, Mark Lowry was nonplussed. “The audience is left begging for the denouement to hurry the heck up and for this sufferin’ succotash of an unfunny affair to end,” he writes on Break the tie through Sept. 10.

PREPPING THE ART: Most of us will never touch a piece of museum art in our lives. But there are a select few who handle masterpieces for a living. Mary Nicolett is an art preparator at the Dallas Museum of Art, and she talks about all that her job entails with the museum’s Uncrated blog.

  • nmlhats

    I quite enjoyed “Wild Oats” and so did all my friends who have seen it. I thought it was good silly fun. We subscribe to T3 and I have been trying to come up with a good description—something other than “it was really funny”.

    So…take two parts Shakespeare, two parts wild west, one part Bollywood melodrama, one part cartoon, one part camp, a scoop of wink-wink theater humor, a bucket of satire, and mix well for a deliciously entertaining result.