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Art&Seek Plans Your Week

by Nilufer Arsala 22 Aug 2011 10:39 AM

Nilufer’s ready to roll this week, with a suggestion for happy hour, a big jerk you might like, lots of music, and much much more.


Hello and welcome back to Monday! Who said it was too early in the week to hit happy hour? Not this girl. And if you’re going to happy hour, you might as well listen to some jazzy bluesy musics provided by  Miss Marcy and her Texas Sugar Daddy’s at Times Ten Cellar after work today. Ahhh, happy hour. There has never been anything with a more appropriate name.

This week we have a lot more live music heading our way, but a bit of a change in the lineup. For example if you love the banjo then this is your week, friend. If you also love comedian Steve Martin then this should make you double happy- he happens to play a pretty mean banjo. So mean that he’s won a Grammy for it. You can see for it yourself this week at the Meyerson. Also up this week are The Bodeans at the KXT Concert on the Square, Bob Schneider playing not one but two acoustic shows at the Kessler, Jill Scott’s Summer Block Party, and Keith Urban at the AAC. Wow, what a diverse lineup!

Also make time this week for the 8th annual Lakewood Summer Arts Faire, increasing your capacity for kindness, the touring company of the Upright Citizens Brigade (free!), and a good old-fashioned showdown-dance style. That really is the best kind of showdown there is, honestly.

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