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The Paul Slavens Show: Live Blog for August 21 2011

by Paul Slavens 21 Aug 2011 7:43 PM

Hey there, starting to begin to maybe  try to think about it possibly getting cooler before too long.  But for now, get somewhere comfy and check out the show.  This is where you can leave your polite comments and music suggestions.  Make sure to leave a link if you can so we can buy or […]


Hey there, starting to begin to maybe  try to think about it possibly getting cooler before too long.  But for now, get somewhere comfy and check out the show.  This is where you can leave your polite comments and music suggestions.  Make sure to leave a link if you can so we can buy or at least check out your suggestions.  

New to me this week:

Harvey Mandel

The Nice

Anna Jarvinen

Imelda May

Everything Everything

Clifton Chenier

Swamp Dogg

Stevie Wonder – “The Shadow Of Your Smile” – My Cherie Amour
Grass Widow –
“Fried Egg” – Kill Rock Stars 20 Year Anniversary Sampler
Harvey Mandel
– “The Snake: The Snake” – Baby Batter / The Snake
Prince –
“I Feel For You” – Prince
Sarah Renfro – “Little white house” – You Should Be Somewhere Outside
The Ventures
– “Blue Dawn” – Hawaii Five-O
The Nice
– “Little Arabella – Original” – Ars Longa Vita Brevis
Elvis Presley & The Jordanaires – “Surrender” – The 50 Greatest Love Songs
Fever Ray
– “Mercy Street” – Mercy Street
Albert King
– “Crosscut Saw” – Crosscut Saw: Albert King In San Francisco
Bon Iver –
“Hinnom –  TX” – Bon Iver
Here We Go Magic
– “Hibernation” – Pigeons
Anna Järvinen
– “Nattmusik” – Man Var Bland Molnen
Fitz & The Tantrums
– “Don’t Gotta Work It Out” – Dangerbird Summer Sampler 2011

Aretha Franklin – “The Weight” – An Anthology: Duane Allman
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
– “Bojangles” – Uncle Charlie And His Dog Teddy
Tom Waits – “Sea Of Love” – Orphans
The Night game cult
–  “FreeSlide”  –  Neverland
Mantovani & His Orchestra – “Gypsy Trumpeter” – Vintage Dance Orchestras No. 164 – EP: Highlights
Brian Eno
– “Dreambirds” – Drums Between The Bells
The Replacements
– “Left Of The Dial” – Tim
Malford Milligan Band – “Pouring Water On A Drowning Man” – Sweet Cherry Soul
Imelda May
– “Tainted Love” – Mayhem
Everything Everything –
“My Kz –  Ur Bf” – Man Alive
Clifton Chenier – “Bon Ton Roulet” – Bon Ton Roulet
Otis Redding – “I’ve Got Dreams To Remember”  – The Very Best Of Otis Redding
Massive Attack –
“Babel” – Heligoland
Dr. Demento
– “Witch Doctor” – Dr. Demento 20th Anniversary Collection – The Greatest Novelty Records Of All Time

Swamp Dogg – “I Was Born Blue” – The Excellent Sides of Swamp Dogg Vol. 1

  • Paul Slavens

    Anytime you wanna get started, let me hear some great suggestions.

  • Amanda P.

    Do you know Ben Sollee? Amazing Folk Celloist from Kentucky whom I heard play in Dallas recently: Especially check out “The Prettiest Tree”:

    • Paul Slavens

      far out, I will check it out for sure. thanks

  • Thom

    Welcome back Paul
    I’m thinking…….

    How about,
    Concrete Blond’s ‘Ghost of a Texas Ladies Man’ from: Walking in London

    ‘Sins of the Father’ by Course of Empire (CD/band)

  • Thom

    I love good cover songs too.

    Lucinda Williams captures the essence of life on the road with AC/AC’s, ‘Long Way to The Top’ from ‘Little Honey’

    Ryan Adams turns the Rolling Stones’ dance song ‘Brown Sugar’ into a dark forboding statement on slavery.

    And Patti Smith covered Nirvana’s, ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ with a Banjo on ‘Twelve’!

    I could go on and on…

  • Jeff Ryan

    dug that fever ray track, love the Knife as well.

  • Kevin Kunreuther

    Hot Dogs by Blind Lemon Jefferson

    also “After All”

    instrumental by Electric Light Orchestra from Secret Messages

  • Philip C.

    As always, a fantabulous show tonight, Paul!

    As always, I’ve an obscure artist to suggest:

    Keef Hartley Band, “Roundabout,” or any other song from the album Not Foolish Not Wise. Dino Dines and Gary Thain are great.

    Thanks! 🙂

    • Paul Slavens

      excellent flurry of suggestions! Thanks so much. The suggestions of the last couple weeks have been so great, tonites show really has me excited, keep it up , help me make the best show in the universe !

  • James Lovell

    I think I’d like to hear something groovy with Carol Kaye on bass. Could you pick out something like that?

  • Vanessa

    Django Lassi! A pretty cool group of guys I first saw playing along a canal in Berlin. Heavily inspired, of course, by Django Reinhardt.

  • Greetings from McKinney, Texas tonight!
    Love your show & music too.

    My birthday is in a couple of weeks. I’ll be 46 and I was hoping for a birthday present.
    I’m a musician and would love to hear one of my songs on the radio. I’ve never heard any of my songs on the radio or internet streaming, etc. I realized that I have been at this whole music thing “seriously” since 1986…maybe even 1982. I have been in numerous “cover” bands and a couple of interesting original projects as well. One original project is called The Sacred Clown. We’ve recorded ourselves & have three “albums”. (sorry about all the quotation marks)

    So, there is my birthday wish Mr. Slavens

    With kind regards to you, your station & great music everywhere,
    Bob Romans

    Here is where you can listen to our three albums:

    I would love to share my music.

  • Kevin Kunreuther

    Carol Kaye is so awesome – she played on so many artists’ albums.

    • Paul Slavens

      super badass! I have not heard of Carol Kaye !!! Thanks for hippin me!

  • Becepp

    There is a band from Tucson AZ called Holy Rolling Empire that you really should check out!

  • Thom

    Saddest song ever.

  • Regan

    Nice Show.

    Platters- Smoke gets in your eyes

  • Bobby

    I love Do Make Say Think. Especially the album Other Truths and song “Do.” Your show kicks ass!

  • Sheldon

    First time to hear your show tonight, really like it!

    • Paul Slavens

      Thanks for these suggestions , I like Do Make too, havent played em in a while. I will dig up that Platters tune, but I might see what other songs they have. Sheldon, great to have you along, thanks for jumping on the blog !!! Give a suggestion!!!!

  • Philip C.

    I tried exerting self-control, but I cannot resist making more suggestions tonight: Steve Lehman’s “Echoes” from the album Travail, Transformation and Flow. And why not play one of the new singles from Björk’s Biophilia?


  • Thom

    Speaking of covers, Bryan Ferry does a great cover version of ‘Smoke Gets in Your Eyes’.

  • That’s some funky stuff.
    Tasty tasty for Everything Everything.

  • Dan

    Interesting music on KXT! I can’t believe it! How about some Slobberbone, the best local band that gets zero play on KXT. By the way how do I vote for you to become station program director?

  • Kyle K

    You and Otis may have just made my night.

  • Regan

    Robert Johnson Malted Milk

    • Paul Slavens

      Thanks so much for all the great comments and suggestions. Next weeks show should be a killer !!
      See you next time amigos.

  • Paul,

    I wanted you to know that your show inspired me to create a piece for KXT. My gratitude for your open spirit, truly listening to music for its message, and sharing the love music can bring to ones life.

    May your dreams be vivid.


  • I’m not really sure where to put the links for music suggestions.

    The Band is People At Parties. The song Mineral Material is the one that grabs me. Curious to see what you think.

  • James

    Now I know this is coming in late, but I hope it can still go to making your next show killer. There’s this artist Bobby Brown, not Whitney Houston’s Bobby Brown, but a Hawaiian guy that is, to quote a blog, “one of the most idiosyncratic works to emerge from the West Coast petri-dish of psychedelics in the 1970s.”

    Here’s the only song of his on youtube:

    And here’s a link to download his album (this site is chaotic but it’ll work fine if you find, among all of the shiny buttons, the download one):!download|304l32|177313764||92720|RapidPro expired. (34fa3175)