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Wednesday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 17 Aug 2011 8:08 AM

Today in the roundup: A Plano Senior High grad making it in Hollywood, local music bits and how to protect art in museums.


A FAMILIAR FACE: Alan Tudyk is one of those guys who pops up in a movie and you think you’ve seen him in just about every movie – the definition of a character actor. He was in this summer’s Transformers sequel, he’s been in and out of several TV shows and in his funniest role, he played the television executive constantly giving Katherine Heigl mixed messages in Knocked Up. “Most of my roles happen through auditions,” the Plano Senior High grad tells “It’s the character actor’s game — you audition because you do so many different characters.”

MUSIC BITS: Fort Worth’s Calhoun offers up a freebie unreleased track for your downloading pleasure. ( … Bowling for Soup plays the Granada Theater on Sunday. Get caught up on what the band’s been up to by checking out their recent interview on Adam Carolla’s podcast. ( … Jason Terry celebrates his NBA title by starring in a Young Jeezy video. (DC9 at Night)

PROTECTING THE ART: One of the cool things about going to a museum is that you can get so close to the art that you can see all of the details. But those museums are taking a pretty sizable risk by allowing you to get so close. After a recent rash of art vandalism, museums are having to rethink how they ride that line between allowing access and protecting the art. “The sad paradox is that to really protect it, you need plexiglass,” Bill Anderson, co-founder of the art security firm Art Guard, tells “But if you put it under glass and behind ropes, you might as well just show it in a catalogue.”