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Wednesday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 10 Aug 2011 7:36 AM

Today in the roundup: Erykah Badu on her fancy ride, designing the hair for Hairspray and remembering local musicians who have died.


HOW SHE ROLLS: To say that Erykah Badu has style is an understatement. But did you know that style extends to her cars? Her prized possession is a baby blue 1964 Lincoln Continental, which she likes to drive near her White Rock Lake home. She gives a tour of the car – including its purple crystal chandelier and its backseat “traveling stereo” – in a video interview with

PUTTING THE HAIR IN ‘HAIRSPRAY’: On Saturday, Casa Mañana will open Hairspray. And if you’ve seen the stage show or the movie, you know that it takes a lot of hair to make the characters at home in 1962 Baltimore. That’s where Patti Delsordo comes in. She’s charged with designing the hair, wigs and makeup for Casa, and she tells that the trick is to dress up what she has to work with. “My art is to make inexpensive wigs look expensive,” she says.

QUOTABLE: “Too many times in the past few years, we have gathered to remember and celebrate the life of someone in our community, or someone who has entertained us for many years. And in spite of the tragic loss bringing folks together, these events have been the greatest gatherings of old friends and faces.”

Local show promoter Mike Snider, in an e-mail with DC9 at Night. Snider has commissioned a plaque to be hung at the Sons of Hermann Hall that will commemorate area musicians who have died. DC9 has the list of names that will be remembered.