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Tuesday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 9 Aug 2011 8:03 AM

Today in the roundup: B.J. Cleveland saves the day, life on the road with local bands and the continuing saga of the failed Kings of Leon show.


BRAVO TO B.J.: If I got a call asking me if I could replace someone in a play and be ready to go the next day, I’d hang up the phone and change my number. But that’s one of many reasons why the producers of Uptown Players’ production of Victor/Victoria didn’t call me and why they did call B.J. Cleveland. The story of how Cleveland was asked to replace an injured Paul Taylor on Saturday and then performed the show with a strategically placed script is entertainingly told over on theaterjones.com.

ON THE ROAD: Fort Worth’s the Orbans recently returned from a tour of the northeast. Meanwhile, Dallas duo the O’s are just back from a tour of Europe. Each band talks about their recent travels in separate Q&A’s over on Front Row.

CONCEALING THE KINGS: A couple of Fridays ago, Kings of Leon made big news – first by cutting their Gexa Energy Pavilion show way short and then by canceling the rest of their tour. And as early as Friday night, it wasn’t hard to find fan-shot footage of the debacle on the Web. But now the band’s management is going on the offensive by having the videos removed. The suits claim the videos violate copyright protection. But the idea is also out there that the clips would go a long way in helping the tour’s insurers argue that Caleb Followill was drunk, possibly taking the insurers off the hook for the canceled dates.