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TSU Archaeologists May Have Found Capt. Morgan's Pirate Ship

by Jerome Weeks 8 Aug 2011 10:22 AM

VIDEO: Aye, matey, that’s the jolly, rum-swilling Captain Morgan you see on the bottle label before you pass out. His ships captured Panama City in 1671 — and then hit a reef. Now, Texas State University archaeologists think they’ve found them.


Aye, matey, that’s the rum-swilling, brand-name Captain Morgan. In a storm off Panama in 1671, he lost five ships, running them aground (a-reef?). As part of the Lost Ships of Henry Morgan Project, underwater archaeologists from Texas State University have been excavating the remains of a ship they’ve found that fits the location/description of part of Morgan’s fleet. Despite all the jolly pirate talk, Morgan was actually a buccaneer (a legal pirate) and even ended up with a knighthood and the governorship of Jamaica (hence, the rum bottles that bear his name).