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The Paul Slavens Show: Live blog for August 7, 2011

by Paul Slavens 7 Aug 2011 7:55 PM

This is where you can leave your polite comments and especially your groovy music suggestions, make sure you leave a link where the music can be purchased or checked out.


Greetings fellow music lovers,

This is where you can leave your polite comments and especially your groovy music suggestions, make sure you leave a link where the music can be purchased or checked out.

New to me this week:

Mickey and the Soul Generation
New Model Army
Niki and the Dove
Dick Hyman
George Baker Selection
Martha and The Muffins

Tonight’s playlist:

Sarah Vaughan, Gotan Project Remix –  “Whatever Lola Wants,”  Verve Remixed 2
The Beach Boys, “Be True To Your School,” (Single Version) (2001 Digital
Remaster),  The Very Best Of The Beach Boys: Sounds Of Summer
Mickey & The Soul Generation , “Iron Leg,”  Iron Leg
Neil Young,   “I Believe In You,”  After The Gold Rush
Brave Combo,  “Chem-oo-Chem,” Humansville
Brand X,  “Euthanasia Waltz,” Unorthodox Behaviour
Tegan And Sara, “Walking With A Ghost” (Album Version),  So Jealous
Harry Nilsson,  “Campo De Encino” (Previously Unreleased),  Son Of Schmilsson
Orgone,  “Cali Fever,”  Cali Fever
Fiona Apple,  “Everyday,” Rave On Buddy Holly
Pixies,  “Subbacultcha,”  Trompe Le Monde
Mason Williams,  “Classical Gas” (LP Version),  The Mason Williams
Phonograph Record
New Model Army,  “Here Comes The War,” & Nobody Else
France Gall,  “Jazz a GoGo,” Mood Mosaic V.6: Jazz a Go Go

Niki & The Dove, “The Fox,” 23 This Year: The Sub Pop Amazon Sampler
Roedelius,  “Isodea,” Großes Wasser
Chad VanGaalen,  “No Panic/No Heat,” Diaper Island
Daniel Folmer,  “Amelia,” Danny Rush and the Designated Drivers
Dick Hyman,  “The Minotaur,”  Dick Hyman’s Century of Jazz Piano
Smoke Fairies,  “Storm Song,”  Through Low Light And Trees
The Residents,  “Sinister Exaggerator,” Duck Stab
George Baker Selection,  “Little Green Bag,”  Reservoir Dogs [Explicit]
Deerhoof,  “Believe E.S.P.,” Kill Rock Stars 20 Year Anniversary Sampler
Martha And The Muffins,  “Whatever Happened to Radio Valve Road?” Danseparc
Wye Oak,  “Civilian,” Merge Records 2011 Sampler
Prefuse 73,  “Nuno,” Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives
Los Lobos, “Two Janes,” Kiko
Huun-huur-Tu,  “Prayer,”  The Orphan’s Lament

  • joesnow

    howdy yo

  • joesnow

    enjoying the cool. the ac in here won’t cut off so it’s mighty cool. kickin, and playing along with whatever you dish out. for better and worse.

    • Ray Worth

      Next week consider Storyville or Malford Milligan. Also Betty Soo or some Nordic music by Gjallarhorn.

  • Jay D

    Love the show – big Replacements and Prince –

    Replacements – left of the dial, unsatisfied etc

    Prince – his version of I Feel for you – written originally for Chaka Chan

    But all good – thanks for spinning New Model Army

    • Chris

      Can you play some blues with slide guitar? thanks

    • Mike francis

      There is a guitarist from the 70s named Harvey mandel had an album by the name of the snake. see what you can find

    • Jessica Harp

      I absolutely love “She” by Grand Avenue. Especially the version from the movie Cashback.

    • Please play Bon ton roulette by Clifton Cheiner

    • Paul Slavens

      Keep em coming, I love it.

  • Paul Slavens

    thanks yall,
    I would love to get one of Sarahs songs on, what a sweetie, and talented to boot.
    I will check out the rest of these wonderful nuggets as well

    • Cynthia Beard

      Thanks! I’ll get onto Sarah right now. Sweet and talented indeed!

      Please let me know if you want me to get you a copy of Heatherlyn’s album. Can be arranged very easily.

  • Nilsson track was a treat, Can you get ahold of his soundtrack from the film, SKIDOO?

    • Jay D

      I second Storyville and Malford and maybe some Arc Angels too

  • Mike francis

    There is a guitarist from the 70s named Harvey mandel had an album by the name of the snake.see what you can find

    • Paul Slavens

      I can try to get this obscure stuff, but I mostly get MP3s these days, so we will see.

  • How about a portion of a show that features some homegrown Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing & Visual Arts students and former students?

  • Regan

    Nice show Paul. I don’t got no suggestions this week, but Kelly Slater just won the US Open of Surfing. Congratulations to him. That must be real thrilling. Maybe some Dick Dale or Ventures?

  • Regan

    Or any surf music you’d like.

  • khaki

    thanks for the brave combo earlier– i hear a rumor they’re playing the kxt gig at the 8.0 in fw this coming thursday 8/11– is this true for real?

  • Philip C.

    Hey Paul,

    I sad to see you didn’t ever play Thomas Chapin Trio or Ned Rothenberg. Understandable, seeing how long their stuff generally is, but I hope at least you enjoyed checking out the music.

    I’ve some emerging European artists to recommend. From Belgium, Selah Sue, check out her kind of afro-hip-hop inspired “Raggamuffin.” And the sweet sounding Scandinavian/Swedish pop singer Anna Järvinen. “Nattmusik” from the album Man Var Bland Molnen is a good intro.

    Thanks Paul. Love the show as always.

  • Paul Slavens

    @Phillip: yep I checked out quite a bit of it, but yes, its all pretty long, especially for how challenging of a listen it is. But I will def check out these suggestions.
    @Khaki- I dont know if that is true, but it sure sounds like it could be , and what a great chance to see em !

  • Eskimo Pie

    Thanks so much for the Cluster and Residents (excellent cut)

    You da P Slave!

  • Paul Slavens

    Thanks for the company and the great ideas. I will not be here in the flesh next sunday but I will get after all these ideas for the following sunday. cheers.

  • Paul – I have enjoyed your music on Sunday nights for +/- 3 years, my first time on your blog. I was happy for you when you went national. You are one of my 3 favorite KXT shows. I really enjoy your music and its diversity. I’m a long time “dark green Builder” and love diversity.

    I’m 60 and remember when they first played Mr. Bojangles. There was a cut I only heard about 4 times where Mr. Bojangles talked to his dog during the radio play. I think it was a special cut because the regular cut was played so many times, Have you ever heard it or do you know of it. I’d love to hear it again if you do.

    If there is any way you could alert me to when you will play it that would be great!

    Thanks for all you play and all you do. I miss Viona Richie, (sp), Did they cut or move her to another time?


  • Ray Worth

    @Don check out this for info on Fiona Richie

  • Quality show last night, sir.