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Tuesday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 26 Jul 2011 7:44 AM

Today in the roundup:An Arts of Collin County update, local music bits (including a new Sarah Jaffe song) and meeting your Art Doppelgänger.


ACC UPDATE: When Frisco residents voted to end the city’s participation in the Arts of Collin County project, the brains behind the ACC had to come up with a new plan for bringing the arts complex to life. And now it looks as if they have two plans. The McKinney Courier-Gazette reports that Plan A involves setting up fundraising goals that must be met in order for the project to go forward. If the goals are not met, Plan B would kick in, which more or less sounds like the end of the project, though even it allows for opportunity to continue.

MUSIC BITS: Sarah Jaffe previews her upcoming EP, The Way Sound Leaves a Room, and offers up a new song. (mashable) … Preston Jones previews the upcoming Fort Worth Music Festival, which used to be called Jazz by the Boulevard. ( … Jessica Lee Mayfield talks about the darkness of her music ahead of her show next week tonight at Club Dada. (DC9 at Night)

YOUR ARTISTS PROFILE: The Dallas Museum of Art has a fun program going on during its 9X9 event this month. The museum is encouraging visitors this Friday night to take a short quiz to figure out which artist is their “Art Doppelgänger.” The museum’s Uncrated Blog has more details as well as a sample of the quiz.

  • Thanks for the link, Stephen. But, just to be clear, that Mayfield show is tonight…

  • Stephen Becker

    @Pete – You know me, perpetually a week behind. Thanks for the clarification.