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And Now – KERA's 'Just for Kids!' Video Contest

by Jerome Weeks 21 Jul 2011 3:45 PM

KERA’s 50th anniversary celebrations aren’t just about memories of the station’s 50 years of shows like Frontline and NOVA. It’s also about the station’s ongoing commitment to quality programming for children. So KERA’s Rewind Video Contest has a Just for Kids! contest, too.


Yesterday, we got all excited about KERA viewers creating videos celebrating the station’s 50 years of television programming — if the viewer happens to be 15 years or older. The winner gets his or her video broadcast on TV.

Well, the KERA Rewind Video Contest also has a Just for Kids! component.

Make a poem, act out a scene, write an essay, get it down on video (no longer than 3 minutes) — all about why you love watching KERA or why you love one particular show or character on KERA. Submit it  — and the winner will be featured during KERA’s ALL KIDS. ALL DAY PROGRAMMING.

Check out the rules, and check out this video: