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Celebrate KERA's 50th – And Get Your Video on TV

by Jerome Weeks 20 Jul 2011 3:30 PM

It’s KERA TV’s 50th anniversary! Yep, we’re excited – even used an exclamation point there. And what better way to get some sense of this great station’s possibly life-changing, certainly life-enhancing effect than hearing from viewers? It’s KERA’s Rewind Video Contest. Win instant fame. Or at least three minutes of air time.


Hey. This is KERA’s 50th year! You may have heard, eh?

Yes, thank you, we’re excited. At the moment, there are little fireworks going on in the cubicles here. Pow. Boom.

Oh, look, the breakroom is smoking.

Wait — stop that. There’s a burn ban in effect. Just look for it — see, there, the fire extinguisher is over there.

Right. So yes, we’re excited but with nothing, we repeat, nothing actually flammable currently exploding or burning. Other than our excitement. We’re burning with excitement. And humility. We’re humbled by the incredible track record of programming KERA TV has offered for five decades.  We’re talking about Sesame Street to CEO, Monty Python to Mister Rogers, Great Performances to POV. That’s some legacy to live up to.

So yes, excited, definitely — but humble and with nothing going up in flames at the moment. Maybe smoldering a little. And we realize that as much as this is about hailing a happy half-century’s worth of remarkable programming — programming that all of us in North Texas probably wouldn’t have seen otherwise –this celebration is about the rippling effects those programs have had on you, the audience that watched, enjoyed, learned from and grew up with them.

And what better way to get some sense of that incredible, ongoing, possibly life-changing, certainly life-enhancing effect than hearing from KERA’s viewers?

You, for instance. What did these shows do for you?  What did they do to you? Personally, having acquired almost all of my deep appreciation of British history and culture from Blackadder and AbFab and little else, I’ve come to believe that a sure sign of an educated person is a familiarity with Baldrick’s cunning plans and Patsy’s favorite eye-opener (Stoli, straight).

So now, it’s your turn (especially if you happen to be 15 years or older – check the rules). Put down your memories, your favorite moment or character on video and you could  have it broadcast on KERA TV.  Undoubtedly, fun and fame with friends and family and fellow KERA viewers will immediately  ensue.

It’s our official Rewind Video Contest. Your original video (three-minutes long or less) can be an impersonation or re-creation of a KERA personality, show or character. It can be an inspirational and heartfelt tribute detailing how KERA has affected your life. Or it can be an off-the-wall sketch showcasing a favorite silly walk, talking puppet or angry innkeeper from KERA’s 50-year history.

So go for it. From Frontline to Fawlty Towers, from Antiques Roadshow to American Experience — right, OK, you get the picture. Now just tape it and send it to us.

The deadline for entry is August 30, 2011. The details are all here: KERA’s Rewind Video Contest.