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Friday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 15 Jul 2011 7:48 AM

Today in the roundup: Tina Parker on TV, DIFF wants your movie and Errol Morris discussing his classic Dallas-based doc.


TINA ON TV: This Sunday, Breaking Bad returns to AMC. And if you tune in, you’ll recognize a familiar face in the local theater scene: Kitchen Dog’s Tina Parker. “It’s one of those shows I admired from the beginning,” she tells Unfair Park. “If they said, ‘Would you come open the door for Bryan Cranston so he can have an amazing scene, I’d be, like, ‘Sure, what time do you need me?'” Parker will be in four episodes this season. I’ll wager this part involves less screaming than others she’s done.

CALL FOR ENTRIES: The Dallas International Film Festival will begin accepting entries on Monday. The programmers over there are always up for taking a looksee at locally made movies, so if you’ve got one, get it in. All the details are on the DIFF website.

QUOTABLE: “What The Thin Blue Line did was combine an investigation with a way to bring it to public attention at a much earlier time when we had fewer vehicles for creating that kind of media hoopla. It is still one of the defining accomplishments of my life. I’m very proud of it.”

– Errol Morris, in an interview with indieWIRE, discussing his Dallas-set 1988 doc.  In the interview, Morris questions whether or not the Randall Adams case would have turned out the same if the film was made today.