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The Paul Slavens Show: Live Blog for July 10, 2011

by Paul Slavens 10 Jul 2011 7:35 PM

Good evening! It is a warm one isnt it ? Best to stay cool and listen to tunes for a bit. Here is where you can leave your polite comments and music suggestions for future shows.


Good evening!  It is a warm one isnt it ? Best to stay cool and listen to tunes for a bit. Here is where you can leave your polite comments and music suggestions for future shows. Make sure to leave a link to where the music can be purchased or listened to, if posible.
New to me this week:
Johnny Mann Singers
Dengue Fever
Helen Forrest
Sarah Jarosz
Thao & Mirah
Jorgen Ingman
Crinne Bailey Rae
Art brut
Nat Stuckey
Bodies of Water
Gardens and Villa

Goldfrapp – “Cologne Cerrone Houdini” – Seventh Tree
Dead Can Dance –
“Mesmerism” – Spleen And Ideal (Remastered)
The Jim Carroll Band –
“I Want The Angel” ( LP Version ) – Catholic Boy
The Johnny Mann Singers – “Somethin’ Stupid” – The Essential Collection
Joey Kendall – “The Closest Things”  – Was Here
Dengue Fever –
“Kiss Of The Bufo Alvarius” – Cannibal Courtship

Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers – “Modern World” – The Modern Lovers
Helen Forrest – “I’ll Buy That Dream” – Greatest Hits
James Blake – “To Care (Like You)” – James Blake
Pharoah Sanders –
“Moniebah” (Edit) – Pharoah Sanders’ Finest
Sarah Jarosz – “Annabelle Lee” – Follow Me Down
The Monkees – “Daily Nightly” – Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd. [Deluxe Edition]
Thao & Mirah – “Little Cup” – Thao & Mirah
Asylum Street Spankers –
“I’ll See You In My Dreams” – Spanks for the Memories
C.W. Stoneking –
“In New Orleans” – Hiram and Huddie Vol. 2 Huddie
Jorgen Ingmann –
“Apache” – Atlantic 60th: Instrumental Jams
Corinne Bailey Rae –
“Is This Love” – The Sea
Art Brut – “Clever Clever Jazz” – Brilliant! Tragic!
Nat Stuckey – “Pop A Top” – Nat Stuckey: Pop A Top
Jo Sullivan,  Martin Wolfson, Charlotte Rae –
“The World Is Mean” – The Threepenny Opera (Original Off-Broadway Cast)
Ok Sweetheart – “Boat” – Home
Moby –
“Lie Down In Darkness” – Destroyed
Bodies Of Water –
“My Hip Won’t Let Me” – Twist Again
The Rolling Stones –
“Melody” – Black And Blue
Gardens & Villa –
“Orange Blossom” – Gardens & Villa
Tennessee Ernie Ford –
“I’m Hog-Tied Over You” – Capitol Collectors Series
Badfinger – “I Miss You” (Album Version) – Badfinger
Soul Coughing –
“Down To This” – Ruby Vroom
Vladimir Horowitz –
“Sonata in E minor –  K 198 (L 22)” – Horowitz: The Celebrated Scarlatti Recordings – Expanded Edition
TV On The Radio – “You” –
Nine Types Of Light

  • Paul Slavens

    I am here and ready to hear some cool ideas for music on this hot night.

  • Joe Henley

    Jim Carroll Band are you kidding me. Haven’t heard him on the radio in years. I use to listen to him when I was in college. I would like to hear NRBQ-That’s Alright from Ridin in my car. I enjoy the shows.

  • ryan

    let’s here some Panda Bear

  • Paul Slavens

    I am not kidding you.
    I will check out that tune, thanks

  • Gregor

    Paul, dug that local music track, but what’s the singer’s name again? Trying to find it on Bandcamp.

  • Hi Paul

    Can you play some Johnny Cash tonight? “Ballad Of A Teenage Queen”? Thanks Paul

  • Paul Slavens

    Joey Kendall- was here. Good stuff.
    Can’t play that song tonite, because I pre-pick all the music, but I will rock it for you next week. danke

  • Paul Slavens

    @ryan-panda bear , check

  • Joe Henley

    maybe Helen Forest sang the song you played w/Bing Crosby?

  • Paul Slavens

    I believe it was Dick Haymes.

  • Kikki

    Paul, what artist was that you played at around 8:01pm? Female singer

  • Paul Slavens

    @Kikki, it was probably Goldfrapp. It was the first song of the set, and it was followed by Dead Can Dance which had a female vocal, but no lyrics.

  • Gregor

    I think Thao is pronounced “TOW” (rhymes with POW). Her last name is Nguyen. Although I believe Mirah sang the lead on that track. I don’t know anything about Mirah, but I highly recommend Thao’s two albums with her usual band, the Get Down Stay Down: “Know Better Learn Faster” and “We Brave Bee Stings And All.”

    Loved the Monkees track. Look for their song “Tapioca Tundra” if you’ve never heard it. Had the 45 when I was a kid and wore it out.

  • Joe Henley

    Paul, could you play Vasoline Machine #2 by the Nighthawks from Side Pocket Shot? I know it will hopefully be on a future show. I also loved the Monkees tune you played.

  • Paul Slavens

    I will check it out for next time for sure. Thanks
    people for loving the Monkees, yes!

  • Lis Eno

    Great show so far, thank you!

  • Regan

    Mr. Wolf and Mama Bear Robert Earl Keen

  • Khaki

    just for the record, re: the mickey dolenz track. the word ‘moog,’ as in synthesizer, is pronounced with a long ‘o’ sound. it rhymes with the word ‘vogue.’ i almost never hear it pronounced correctly

    from dr. robert moog himself, via wikipedia, the following:


    The surname Moog is one of the most divergently pronounced names in popular culture. The following interview excerpt reveals Robert Moog’s preferred pronunciation:

    — Reviewer: First off: Does your name rhyme with “vogue” or is like a cow’s “moo” plus a g at the end?
    — Dr. Robert Moog: It rhymes with “vogue.” That is the usual German pronunciation.[2] My father’s grandfather came from Marburg, Germany. I like the way that pronunciation sounds better than the way the cow’s “moo-g” sounds.[3]

    In a deleted scene from the DVD version of the documentary Moog, Moog describes the three pronunciations of the name Moog: the original Dutch /moːx/, which he believes would be too demanding of English speakers; the preferred Anglo-German pronunciation, /moʊɡ/; and a more anglicized pronunciation, /muːɡ/. Moog reveals that some of his family members prefer the anglicized pronunciation, while others, including himself (and his wife) prefer the Anglo-German pronunciation.



  • Paul Slavens

    I am from Texas. Mooooooooooog. 🙂

  • Thom

    Paul, Do you post the songs, in order, that you play on your show each week?

    Future suggestion
    ‘These Words’ by New Mode Army from CD: ‘The Love of Hopeless Causes’.
    ‘Sinnerman’ by Nina Simone

  • Gregor

    From Tennessee Ernie Ford to Badfinger? Awesome show.

  • Ray

    @Joe – the Nighthawks is an excellent request. Crap, I got busy at work and missed Dead can Dance 🙁

  • Paul Slavens

    The playlist generally shows up at the top of the blog after the show is over (licensing requirements). Also, I try to get the playlist posted at KXT.org , just go to my page on KXT. It usually takes me a day or so to get em posted there, but they usually show up at the top of the blog right away afterwards.

  • Paul Slavens

    Goodnight and thanks for the company and suggestions, see you next week !!!!