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The Paul Slavens Show: June 26, 2011 Live Blog

by Paul Slavens 26 Jun 2011 7:52 PM

This is where you can leave your polite comments and music suggestions for future shows.


Hey folks, still deep in the pledge, hope you can help, and if you already have, thanks a million.

This is where you can leave your polite comments and music suggestions for future shows.

New to me this week:
Other Lives
Emily Wells
Apostle of Hustle
Gemma Ray
Fionn Regan

Tonight’s playlist:

Billie Holiday, “Crazy He Calls Me,” Billie Holiday’s Greatest Hits
Other Lives, “Tamer Animals,” Tamer Animals
Telegraph Canyon, “OSF”, Frequencies
Bruce Cockburn, “Peggy’s Kitchen Wall,” Stealing Fire
Little Dragon, “Recommendation,” Little Dragon
My Wooden Leg, “The Schmuck,” Frequencies
David Bazan, “Don’t Change,” Strange Negotiations
Sala Oskar, ”Konzertstück Für Trautonium Mit Begleitung Des Str,” Elektronische Impressionen
School of Seven Bells, “Connjur,” Alpinisms
The Carla Bley Band, “Murder,” I Hate To Sing
Talking Heads, “Creatures Of Love” (Remastered LP Version ), Once In A Lifetime: The Talking Heads Box (US Release)
RL Burnside, “Skinny Woman,” Mississippi Hill Country Blues

George Jones, “Brown To Blue,” Trouble In Mind
Emily Wells, “Symphony 8 & the Canary’s Last Take,” The Symphonies: Dreams Memories & Parties [Explicit]
Mogwai, “Too Raging To Cheers,” Hardcore Will Never Die,  But You Will
Ok Sweetheart, “Leaving,” Home
Simon Preston, “Sonata No.1 in E flat,  BWV 525, 1. (Allegro moderato)”, Bach,  J.S.: The Organ Works
Apostle Of Hustle, “National Anthem of Nowhere,” National Anthem of Nowhere
The Magnetic Fields, “The Luckiest Guy On The Lower East Side,” 69 Love Songs Volume 1
Gemma Ray, “100 MPH (In 2nd Gear),”  Lights Out Zoltar!
LehtMoJoe,  “Crash” (w/ Sara Dean), Aisle7
Fionn Regan, “Snowy Atlas Mountains,” The End Of History
‘Til Tuesday, “Coming Up Close,” Welcome Home

  • Paul Slavens

    I am here and ready to rock it out with you. Gimme some music suggestions!

  • Please play some Keith Richards, “999” or “Whip It Up” or something. Thanks.

  • Thom

    Evening Paul,
    I have developed an addiction for this radiostation.
    Keep up the good work.

    How about:
    Patty Griffin – “Making Pies” from ‘1000 Kisses’

  • Paul Slavens

    Thanks for those. I will get on it for next time.

  • We dig your show. Please check out the song “This House” by kindlewood. Band out of Wasington DC.

  • Babette

    I would love to hear some Tony Ferraro/Eaton Lake Tonics or Ryan Thomas Becker!!

  • Babette

    Love your show by the way!!!

  • Yvonne

    Thanks for asking for suggestions. This is my first time checking out your show. I just discovered KXT this past week. Here are some suggested songs for you.

    1. Anything off of Tales of Mystery and Imagination by Alan Parsons.
    2. Anything off of Blow by Blow by Jeff Beck.
    3. Anything from Louis Armstrong.
    4. Since you like Billie Holiday, please check out Madeleine Peyroux.

    Ive been listening while typing this request. I hope your show isn’t limited Texas artists. If so, please pass these suggestions to the other “DJ’s” at the station.

    Thanks Bunches,

  • Gary Patterson

    Try songwriter Stephen Wilson’s bands (he’s in several):
    Porcupine Tree – Blackest Eyes or Trains or Open Car or Lazarus
    Blackfield – Blackfield or Hole in Me or Epidemic

    For a real trip, listen to PT’s Voyage 34, too long for radio, but very early Pink Floyd-like.

    A friend introduced me to these bands and I’ve bought most of their catalogs. And I’ve seen then band three times.

    Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy your show & station.

  • James Lovell

    Outstanding stuff you’re playing!
    Maybe you could check out 12 Stone Toddler stuff from the Scheming disc like Batten Down the Hatches or Drowning A Witch. Also stuff from the Does It Scare You? disc like The Rabbit, Daddy Was A Bad Mother or the hidden track Timbuktu.

  • Paul Slavens

    thanks for all this folks,wonderful. I try to play a lot of local music , maybe not as much Texas music as some would like, but KXT does a pretty good job of that during the day.xo

  • david

    easy for you to say!
    (all that german/hindemith stuff)

  • My wife said that if you dont play any The The, then we are getting divorced. Love ya Paul! Thanks!

  • Paul Slavens

    You will have to convince her to continue the marriage until at least next week. I pick the music for the show before I come to the station, but have no fear, your nuptual vows are still safely intact.

  • Hey Paul! I like your show a lot. I can tell your taste in music is very diverse like mine is. I might’ve told you about her before, but I really dig the music of Joy Valencia, and it would be great if you could play some of her songs on your show and get more people into her. She has 4 singles from her upcoming album out so far:
    -Don’t Wake the Lion
    -If You Love Me
    -It’s a Beautiful Day
    I’d get you links to all of those songs, but they’re on her website, which I listed as my link here. Keep up the good work! :o)

  • Paul—FYI about Carla Bley. She also did some great music for a Nino Rota tribute album in the 80’s called AMARCORD, Nino Rota. I’m sure you know of it.


  • Regan

    It’s a bit long, but I like the Widor Toccata from the Fifth Organ Symphony in F, Op 42 #1, by Charles-Marie Widor. Hearing the organ music your playing brought it to mind.

  • Paul Slavens

    Did not know that Don, thanks. I will be checking that out for sho.

  • Andrew

    I really loved the band “Other Lives” that you introduced me to tonight with their cut “Tamer Animals”. Would you consider airing their track, “For 12”?

    While I have you online, I’d like to recoment the title song “Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy” by Elton John. It’s probably his most interesting upbeat song. The album came out in the summer of 1975. Thanks.

  • Paul Slavens

    Super cool. I love finding out that I turned someone on to new music. Thanks! I will play that Elton song for sure.

  • You know what I’ve noticed switching between the oldies station and KXT? You never hear the songs by Big Brother and the Holding Company that Janis Joplin didn’t sing on. You hear “Summertime” and “Piece of My Heart” a lot, but never “Oh Sweet Mary” that Sam Andrew sang on. Here’s a link to the “Cheap Thrills” album! http://www.amazon.com/Cheap-Thrills/dp/B00138J7YS/ref=sr_shvl_album_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1309142395&sr=301-1

  • Paul Slavens

    thanks for all the nice comments and suggestions. see you here next week yall

  • Hey –
    Also keep in your head the next Local Yokel Show. Next up is Madison King on July 10th. She’s Radness. Im sure you know this, but she is just fantastic. I think Ryan Hamilton and Madison will be the next breakout stars from Dallas. We’ve also got some really cool tracks as well to share (The O’s covering Sorta, Ryan Thomas Becker, Live Doug Burr from our show @ Dada)….lemme know!

  • Tom

    Hey Paul… There was a song you played 2 sets ago (the one that sounded as if it should be in a modern western film a female sang the song) it was right before the electronic song… Around 9:30-9:40ish what’s the name of that song?

  • Thom

    Wow, I suggested this song last week.
    Thanks Paul,
    Til Tuesday with Aimee Mann put out an album called
    Voices carry with a song called ‘Voices Carry,
    that made the band, but it was the album
    ‘Welcome Home’ that received no attention that was phenomenal, including
    ‘Coming Up Close’

  • Ed in Arlington

    Howdy Paul,

    Much enjoying the tune selection tonight – particular favorites have been the wonderful modern country piece from the Talking Heads, “Creatures of Love” (wasn’t that part of the soundtrack to something?), School of the Seven Bells(?), R L Burnside, Apostle of Hustle, and the current Aimee Mann piece.

    I’m too lazy at the moment to hunt down an appropriate link and make your life easier, but maybe just my suggestion will send you leaping into action nonetheless for sometime soon for having jogged your memory: some Sonic Youth?

    And if I could piggy back on the earlier Keith Richards request, perhaps “Eileen” (of of Main Offender I believe) would warm your heart and feet.

    Oh, I almost forgot: I’ll be getting back to you with plans for the “48 Hours of Pure Lenka Festival” I know you’re anxious to host ….

  • Doug Galbraith

    Hey Paul new to the blog so I apologize if you’re already familiar with Salief Kieta’s song “Tomorrow” it’s on the soundtrack for “Ali”. Give it a listen.

  • Paul

    Are you familiar with the Jim Sullivan Story?


    Jim came out with an earthy, interesting acoustic album and then dissapeared in the desert in 1975. No one ever heard from him again. His best cuts are “Highways” and “Jerome”.

    Great Show tonight.

  • rene

    Hey Paul… There was a song you played 2 sets ago (the one that sounded as if it should be in a modern western film a female sang the song) it was right before the electronic song… Around 9:30-9:40ish what’s the name of that song?

    ^what was the name of the electronic song? it had lyrics like “the way i dance, the way i walk”