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DSO Ticket Giveaway, And Why Vicky Chou, 17, Loves Classical Music (You Might Too)

by Anne Bothwell 23 Jun 2011 10:39 AM

Enter to win tickets to the DSO this weekend, and read Vicky Chou’s take on why classical music is worth a shot.


Vicky Chou

We continue our guest blog series from the Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s Teen Council. This Saturday, the council turns the Meyerson into a club for teens, with special events before and after a performance by the orchestra, led by Jaap van Zweden. Special guest Don-yong Kim, piano phemon, will also perform.  Details here.

You can enter below to win a pair of tickets to the performance Saturday. But first, Vicky Chou shares how she got into classical music and why you might like to as well.

Name: Vicky Chou

Age: 17

School: Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science

How I got into classical music: Music has always been integral to my life. I started playing the violin at a young age and I still keep up with it. But don’t be fooled. Just because someone plays classical music in a school orchestra, doesn’t mean they have a predisposition to like it. It wasn’t until I was in a high school level orchestra did I really start listening and appreciate classical music. At that point in our music careers, we played more classical pieces and the fun and the joke in rehearsals caused pieces to start to grow on me and they became more than just a class assignment. I found myself listening to more classical music in my free time and going to concerts more often.

Why you should give it a shot: Honestly, why not? There’s no personal harm in trying something new, especially something so enriching as classical music. There are different types of classical music from different eras. And different composers write music differently so they exude different feelings and emotions. There are different things for different people and how can you find your own if you won’t even give it a shot? And I don’t know about you, but when I hear good music, I get goosebumps and nothing feels better than finding the songs that leave you in awe.

Sign up here for our ticket drawing.

UPDATE: We have a winner! But look for one last chance to win tickets on the Art&Seek blog Friday.