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The Paul Slavens Show: June 5, 2011

by Paul Slavens 5 Jun 2011 7:41 PM

This is where you can make suggestions for future shows and leave polite comments. Make sure to leave a link to where music can be checked out or purchased.


Hey there everybody, summer is here with a vengeance. Get some cold bevvies and kick near the grill or stay inside in the cold air, turn up the volume and check out some cool tunes.
This is where you can make suggestions for future shows and leave polite comments.  Make sure to leave a link to where music can be checked out or purchased.
New to me this week:
Hedwig And The Angry Inch
Joe Strummer
The Paper Raincoat
David Wax Museum
David Rhodes
Dax Riggs
Blind Blake
Gal Costa
Chris Thile & Michael Daves

Tonight’s setlist:

St. Vincent, “Marrow,” Actor
Jon Brion, “A Dream Upon Waking,” Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Hedwig And The Angry Inch, “The Origin Of Love,” Hedwig And The Angry Inch
Salim Nourallah, “Be Here Now,” Constellation
Caliban Quartet, “3 Preludes: II. Andante con moto e poco rubato,”Gershwin / Brahms / Sibelius / Mozart: Bassoonatics!
Joe Strummer, “Ride Your Donkey,” Earthquake Weather
Manu Chao, “Me Gustas Tu,” Proxima Estacion: Esperanza
Blossum Dearie, “Always True to You in My Fashion,” Cole Porter Songbook
Shibboleth, “Do Not Forsake Me, Billy Bremner,” Experiment in Error
Bob Dylan, “Man Gave Names To All The Anim,” Slow Train Coming
Tune-Yards, “Killa,” W H O K I L L
David Byrne & Fatboy Slim feat. Steve Earle, “A Perfect Hand,”Here Lies Love
Os Mutantes, “Panis et Circensis,” Tropicália ou Panis Et Circensis
Moby, “The Day,” Destroyed
Karen Dalton, “It Hurts Me Too,” It’s So Hard to Tell Who’s Going to
Love You Best
Joe Jackson, “Memphis,” Steppin’ Out: The Very Best Of Joe Jackson
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, “Henry Lee,” Murder Ballads
Simon & Garfunkel, “A Simple Desultory Philippic,” Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme
Tiger Darrow, “Machines,” You Know Who You Are
Sondre Lerche, “Domino,” Domino – Single
Detroit, “I Found a Love,” Mitch Ryder and Detroit
The Paper Raincoat, “Rewind,” The Paper Raincoat
David Wax Museum, “Yes,  Maria, Yes,” Everything Is Saved
The Residents, “Death in Barstow,” Fingerprince
David Rhodes, “Down by the River,” Plus from Us
Dax Riggs, “I Hear Satan,” Say Goodnight To The World
Blind Blake, “Diddie Wa Diddie,” Ragtime Guitar’s Foremost Fingerpicker
Gal Costa, “Baby,” Gal Costa
Chris Thile & Michael Daves, “Rabbit In The Log,” Sleep With One Eye Open

  • paul slavens

    I am here and you should not hesitate to communicate with me now.

  • James Lovell

    Kila – Double Knuckle Shuffle from Tog E Go Bog E

  • paul slavens

    I have the shows archived (sans my voice) for personal use. But the shows are unfortunately not available for the masses after the fact.
    I have not gone out of my way to listen to Coldplay. Should I?

  • paul slavens

    transmitter trouble tonite, the stream is good on though.

  • Shalyn

    Oh. So the xmitter is down. Now I feel bad for slapping the radio.

    You ever play any Kashmere Stage Band? I like the story as much as the music: high school band from Houston in the ’70s that recorded some amazing funk. There’s a documentary “Thundersoul”….which I’ve not seen.

    Love the show, even despite the outages.

  • God bless Joe Jackson!!

  • Wayne Green

    How about playing the DiGiallornardo sisters? They have a song about leaving a Guy named Wayne.

  • paul slavens

    thanks Wayne old buddy, I will check it out
    I have played some Kashmere , but will dig it out again for you

  • I have the Mike’s Murder soundtrack lp. I don’t have a way to record it. Would you want to borrow it for listening purposes and then I could get it back? It is a favorite album when albums are played. Are there any good open mics for piano players in Denton?

  • Ray

    I love Blind Blake and Piedmont style blues. Hot Tuna does a lot of that style. Check out their first album just called Hot Tuna or Burgers.

  • paul slavens

    Thanks for jumping on the blog yall
    have a great week , see you back here next sunday, you hear?

  • So this is where I leave a suggestion for someone I’d like to hear played on your show, right? Sorry if I’m wrong…. the link I just gave you is to a friend of mine’s music page. Her name is Joy Valencia, and she lives in LA. Her music is very unique, and if you listen I think you’ll agree. You can get in touch with her and everything through that link I gave you, and… yeah… hope you like her! 🙂