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Friday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 27 May 2011 7:46 AM

Today in the roundup: A Spanish Abstract Expressionist in Dallas, Chinese dinosaurs and singers with big plans.


50 YEARS IN ART: The new show at the Meadows Museum is called “Concrete Improvisations: Collages and Sculpture by Esteban Vicente.” It explores the 50-year-career of the Abstract Expressionist, the only Spanish-born painter to take part in the movement (hence, the Meadows connection). Gaile Robinson offers a helpful primer on Vicente on “Vicente wants to move you, but unlike Rothko, he never seeks to consume you,” Peter Simek writes on Front Row. “This work is more structural, direct, and immediate. And while those ambiguities of style may have limited the amount of ink spilt on the study of Vicente’s life, it makes the artist’s work no less visually satisfying.” Catch the show through July 31.

OVER SEAS DISCOVERY: Did you know that China is the current epicenter of paleontology? Me neither. But that’s the claim made by “Chinasaurs,” the new exhibition at the Museum of Nature and Science. The show features 20 live-size skeletons and five animatronic ones. “This exhibit is neat because it brings together a bunch of different dinosaurs, a lot of animals that we don’t usually get to see on this continent,” paleontologist Ron Tykoski tells

QUOTABLE: “I’m ready for the big time. I need to be heard.”

Brandon Cole, a 19-year-old auditioning for the singing show The X Factor yesterday at the Dallas Convention Center. Read more bold claims over at