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24 Hour Video Race: The Winners…

by Anne Bothwell 24 May 2011 5:02 PM

The 10th edition of the 24 Hour Video Race is over and the winners are…


The 24 Hour Video Race ended last night with teams piled into the Angelika for final judging. It is amazing what can be accomplished in just 24 hours. And believe me, it was a tough job to evaluate it.  I got to judge the entries, along with D FrontRow’s Peter Simek, photographer/videographer David Leeson,   You Plus media’s Jeff Hinson and Laura Neitzel, who, among other things, founded the Race 10 years ago.

The participants had 24 hours to make a piece which had to include the following:

Theme: A Day to Remember

Prop: ball

Location: Garden

Phrase: We can do that tomorrow.

Props to Undermain Theater’s Bruce DuBose, who introduced the required elements with delightfully over the top goofiness that included sunglasses, a shifting eye patch and the title for a movie I hope I never see, “Garden of the Burning Damned.”

Here are the winners.  We’ll post some of the films as they go up online.

2011 Dallas 24 Hour Video Race Results

Pixelvision (High School)

1.    Bonher

2.    Associate Socialists (and Associates)

3.    TP Factory

Futurevision (College)

1.    Second Glance

2.    Butterknife

3.    USA Cartoon Express

Auteur (1-2 Team Members)

1.    Blocknaw Productions

2.    A.D.D. Films

3.    New Big Dragon

Guerilla (3-5 Team Members)

  1. Panther City Pictures

2.    Legacy Film Productions

3.    Brownian Motion

Hollywood (6+ Team Members)

1.    4pm Beer

2.    SmokingCrayolas

3.    Dallas Observer’s Mixmaster