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Starting the Week with the Monday Roundup

by Jerome Weeks 9 May 2011 6:22 AM

Why have so many Dallas arts leaders departed? Will you ever finally get a job with your fine arts degree? And most importantly, what about all the gender-switching in the Uptown Players’ ‘Broadway Our Way’ — saucy, silly or more than that? The Monday Roundup answers all your questions.


DO THEY KNOW SOMETHING WE DON’T? In Sunday’s News, Scott Cantrell addressed what many have been wondering: Why have so many Dallas arts leaders resigned recently (although he skipped Mark Nerenhausen’s exit from the AT&T PAC)? With the Dallas Opera’s Graeme Jenkins leaving for a growing European career while others have stepped down for health reasons, Cantrell concludes sensibly, there’s no single cause. These departures aren’t Symptoms of Something Seriously Wrong. The real question, he says, is how are the arts organizations going to replace them?

DOES THIS MEAN RICH CEOs ARE FINALLY HIRING AGAIN? So you’re a college student in the fine arts, architecture, media arts or creative writing, and you’re wondering, with this economy, What was I thinking?? Well, SNAAP– the Strategic National Arts Alumni Project — has some good news. Although the project survey is not scientifically random, it tracks the lives of arts graduates and it found 92 percent are working, 57 percent as professional artists. But about 30 percent went into another line of work because of school loans and other debts.

MORE THAN JUST THE NAUGHTY BITS? The familiar gender-flipping in the Uptown Players’ annual fundraising revue, Broadway Our Way, is a hilarious, outrageous gimmick, writes Lawson Taitte. It’s “sexy, saucy, silly and scintillating,” writes Christopher Soden. But it’s more than that, writes Perry Stewart. It can actually be poignant.