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The Paul Slavens Show: Live Blog for May 8, 2011

by Paul Slavens 8 May 2011 4:46 PM

Good evening! Hope all you moms out there enjoyed your day. It’s a great night in North Texas to listen to some great music. This is where you can suggest music for future shows or make polite comments or ask questions.


Good evening!   Hope all you moms out there enjoyed your day. It’s a great night in North Texas to listen to some great music. This is where you can suggest music for future shows or make polite comments or ask questions. Leave a link if you can to where music can be listened to or purchased.
New to me this week:
Shirley Brown
Local Natives
Readymade Fc
Skinny Puppy
Country Comfort

Shirley Bassey – “Diamonds Are Forever”James Bond 007 13 Original Themes
Air –
“Alone in Kyoto”Talkie Walkie

Squeeze – “Is That Love?”Greatest Hits
Mike Dillon And Earl Harvin
– “Vampires”People Gardens

Brian Eno – “Passing Over”Another Day on Earth
Gipsy Kings –
“Hotel California”The Big Lebowski
Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi – “Black (Feat. Norah Jones)”Two Against One / Black

John Vanderslice – “White Wilderness”White Wilderness [Amazon MP3 Exclusive Version]
Shirley Brown –
“Woman To Woman”Stax 50: A 50th Anniversary Celebration
Tangerine Dream –
“Love on a Real Train”Kitsuné Tablet by Phoenix

Eric Burdon & The Animals – “Sky Pilot”The Best Of Eric Burdon & The Animals
Rosalia De Souza –
“Mar Azul”Garota Moderna
Local Natives –
“Sun Hands”Frenchkiss Records Super Sampler

The King Cole Trio – “Loan Me Two Till Tuesday (1993 Digital Remaster)”The Nat King Cole Trio: The Complete Capitol Transcription Sessions
Beats Antique – “Spiderbite”Blind Threshold
Readymade Fc –
“The Only One”Babilonia
The Dodos – “Black Night”No Color

Jessie Frye –
“The Fortuneteller”Fireworks Child
The Skatalites –
“The Guns Of Navarone”Roots Party
My Wooden LeG –
“P?pu??”A Circus

Cleo – “Et Moi –  Et Toi –  Et Soie”Swinging Mademoiselles
Typhoon –
“Ghost Train”Hunger and Thirst
Harmonicats –
“Fantasia Impromptu”I Love Paris
Skinny Puppy – “Chainsaw”Chainsaw

Robyn – “Cobrastyle”Robyn
Les Claypool And The Holy Mackerel – “The Awakening”Highball With The Devil
Country Comfort –
“Waimanalo Blues”The Very Best of Country Comfort & Billy Kaui

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  • paul slavens

    I am here and hoping to hear from you.

  • Randee Smith Prez

    Novak….please? Thanks Paul!

  • Kevin Kunreuther

    Nice opening number – this would be a great number for Amy Winehouse to cover – she’s got a voice for Bond tunes.

  • Regan

    Ministry- Thieves

  • Kevin Kunreuther

    “Spot The Difference” version?

  • Margaret

    Hi! Thank you so much for having fantastic taste in music! The only redeeming factor of having to study for finals on a Sunday night… the Paul Slavens Show. I can’t wait to hear Skinny Puppy!

  • Is tonight the night for some Danielle Grubb of The Forest Fire from Booker 3, Volume 2?

  • paul slavens

    Wow, Novaak. Well, I just did my Track by Track podcast with them a couple weeks ago and so I have been playing them quite a bit. I try not to play anything too much, so it may be a while before I spin ’em again. Also heard that maybe they were breaking up. : )

    Thanks for the Ministry suggestion, not real familiar with them. Is it a FCC clean song?

  • Kevin Kunreuther

    Have you checked out music by Brian Eno’s brother Roger? Very adventurous but difficult to categorize music. I first heard him on collaboration w/Brian, Apollo:Atmospheres and Soundtracks. His last solo from three years ago, Flood, is worth checking out.

  • Regan

    Actually that song, Thieves, has a bad word in it. Something else off In Case You Didn’t Feel Like Showing up, maybe Burning Inside. And maybe Ween’s the Mollusk or Final Alarm. Celebratory Final Alarm for Mavericks victory.

  • paul slavens

    Thanks Regan. It is so disappointing when I find some music someone asked for and it has bad language, or is way too long.

  • paul slavens

    BTW. Thanks for the nice comment, Margaret. Sorry you have to study. I think I am finally done going to school. I’m a long way from being done paying for it though.

  • david burns

    Thunderclap Newman, Something in the air. Thanks for the picks.

  • Margaret

    Rene Marie “A Foggy Day”

  • Russell

    Many thanks for “sky pilot” … it caught my attention when I was 16 in 1969; the thought of ‘Nam was doing the same thing. Many more thanks for the excellent tunes you choose. Someday maybe: Leo Kottke, “a child should be a fish” from his Ice Water album (1974) … or any other Leo; it’s all good (as is any Nat King Cole. Thanks)

  • We have just finished dinner while enjoying the music. Some pork tenderloin, green beans, and noodles. The music added ambiance!

  • Hi Paul! Sounds great tonight as all Sundays. Homespun Remedies (including Trey Carmichael & Eric Neal from Sorta, Dave Prez of El Cento, Wade Cofer & Mike Saunders from Zounds Sounds School of Music & my fiancé Paul C. Williams) are playing the free all-ages Lakewoodstock next Sunday afternoon/evening (right before your show). Information on all the bands who’ll be there at or you can download a track from their eponymous 2009 debut at (and hopefully their forthcoming release Great Depression this summer). Thanks in advance for giving them a listen!

  • Stephen Tall

    Hey Paul, I’m driving through New England on my way to Maine (on business), and am listening to you on KKXT Live Stream, so thought I’d give a shout out to my friends back in Cowtown, and make a request. Two weeks ago I gave you a Fort Worth Music Coop Compilation CD when we met at Prairie Fest. How about any track from that? (It’s broadcast ready and FCC friendly)

    Thanks for keeping me alert during this long drive!

  • Wow! I’d never heard the Dodos. My cat got up in my lap and started rubbing her face on the speaker. Guess she liked them too!

  • paul slavens

    Hey Stephen, somebody lifted my copy along with a couple other CDs that had been given to me that day. I forgot to get another. I am playing some Wooden Leg next though. Can I get another copy? Mp3s would be fine too.

  • I’ve got a couple three requests for some stuff you’ve played once but haven’t in a while.
    You played something by Rich Woodson’s Ellipsis once, but I don’t remember quite what it was.
    “Animal Magnetism” –
    from The Nail That Stands Up Gets Pounded Down –
    I remember you playing “The Lion Thief” by the Beta Band once. I think the song I had requested had swear words that I hadn’t noticed.
    “The Lion Thief” –
    from Heroes to Zeros –
    You played the song “Utatane no Hibi (L’ecume des Jours)” by Luminous Orange once. They put out a new album last year called Songs of Innocence, and the song “Sea of Lights” is really good. There was another song from a different album, Sakura Swirl, called “Every Single Child” that would be great too.
    “Utatane no Hibi (L’ecume des Jours) –
    from Drop You Vivid Colours –
    “Sea of Lights” –
    from Songs of Innocence –
    “Every Single Child” –
    from Sakura Swirl –

  • Jessica Harp

    If you like French music, I really like Vanessa Paradis. Check out her Bliss album.

    Here is one of my favorite songs of that record.

  • paul slavens

    There’s a nice list to pick from. Thanks!

  • Russell

    wonderful Harmonicats track.

  • paul slavens

    Thanks Jessica, you, of course, as you know, rock.

  • paul slavens

    That’s it kids. I will check these suggestions later this week when I put together the show for next Sunday. Thanks, have a good week!

  • Andrew

    I know it is after hours, but you might enjoy Italian singer, Maurizio Graf’s voice. To the best of my knowledge he sang only 3 songs in English for Spaghetti Westerns, including “Angel Face”. My favorite song is “Find a Man”. The song is one of my favorite songs of all time. I own a CD, “Wanted Dead or Alive” with the track on it. See Utube Video:

  • Azim Ansari

    Hey Paul, I can’t tell you what a breath of fresh air it was to find your station on the radio. I was about to go crazy listening to the typical overplayed rubbish on other main stations.

    Some of my favorites that I hope others will enjoy:

    Houdini by Foster the People
    Chasing Pirates by Norah Jones
    Conversation 16 by The National
    The Plains/Bitter Dancer by Fleet Foxes
    Norway by Beach House

    Looking forward to listening to your show next Sunday!