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The Cedars: Little Hollywood?

by Anne Bothwell 4 May 2011 2:48 PM

That’s what city officials called it at a council briefing today.


KERA’s B.J. Austin passes on this little nugget she picked up at Dallas City Hall today. Seems officials are calling the Cedars neighborhood just south of downtown an up-and-coming “little Hollywood.”

Assistant City manager A.C. Gonzalez says there is now more production studio space in the Cedars than in Irving’s movie studio at Las Colinas:

“A renaissance in that area has taken place. We are not only seeing the building of various residential units but the development of studios that are now the focus of television series, the most recent,  Dallas, that is currently being shot as we speak in a pilot.

“We very well may be seeing the burgeoning of a small little Hollywood in Texas right south of Downtown.  And the space that is being generated there just to give you a little comparison ….we used to think we were doing great things by having a studio in Irving of about 75,000 square feet. We now have about 150,000 square feet just in that area alone and that’s growing because of the business that  we’re attracting.”

Gonzalez made the comments during an economic development briefing.