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The Paul Slavens Show: Live Blog for May 1, 2011

by Paul Slavens 1 May 2011 5:21 PM

Happy May Day Comrades!
Here is where you can leave me suggestions for next weeks show , make sure to provide a link if you can to where we can get a download or listen to the music.


Happy May Day Comrades!
I got woke up by hail this morning ! It’s still cold and wet, best to stay indoors and listen to some groovy music. Now, I must warn you, I think tonight’s show is a bit of a challenging listen.
Here is where you can leave me suggestions for next weeks show , make sure to provide a link if you can to where we can get a download or listen to the music.
New to me this week:
Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force
Agnes Obel
Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come
Chad Vangaalen
My Wooden LeG
Old Man Markley
Oskar Sala
Otha Turner & The Afrossippi Allstars
The Big Three
The Blue Nile
Tutu Jones

Agnes Obel – “Philharmonics”Philharmonics
Astor Piazzola“Triunfal”Del Bajo Fondo
Blue Nile“Tinseltown In The Rain” A Walk Across The Rooftops

My Wooden LeG – “A Circus”  – A Circus
Slits – “I Heard It Through The Grapevine”Cut
Buddy Holly –
“Well Alright”That’ll Be The Day
Chad Vangaalen –
“Willow Tree”Soft Airplane

Ray Charles – “Oh What A Beautiful Morning”True To Life
The Chemical Brothers –
“Loops Of Fury”Loops of Fury
Bjork –
“Earth Intruders”Voltaic

 The Ink Spots – “Maybe”My Prayer
Elvis Costello –
“Town Cryer”Imperial Bedroom

Easy Star All-Stars“Unbelievable (featuring Cas Haley)”First Light
Tutu Jones – “Diggin’ On You”Inside Out
Aphex Twin –
“Finger Bib”  – Richard D. James Album
The Big Three – “Grandfather’s Clock”The Big 3 Featuring Mama Cass
Led Zeppelin –
“The Crunge”Houses Of The Holy

Feist – “Honey Honey”The Reminder
Otha Turner & The Afrossippi Allstars –
“Shimmy She Wobble”From Senegal to Senatobia
Blonde Redhead“Heroine”23

Seryn – “Bette Noir”This Is Where We Are
Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come –
Soul Coughing –
“So Far I Have Not Found The Science”El Oso
Sophie Milman –
“Ochi Chornye (Dark Eyes)”Sophie Milman 

 Tune-Yards – “Riotriot”W H O K I L L
Oskar Sala“Konzertstück Für Trautonium Mit Begleitung Des Str”Elektronische Impressionen
Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force – “Planet Rock”  – Planet Rock / Planet Rock
Old Man Markley – “In A Circle Going Round”Guts N’ Teeth


  • Im pretty sure The Song Freedom, written by Daniel Forrester, is in the station library in the correct format. Could you play it on tonight’s show? Thanks

  • paul slavens

    I am here and ready for your soggy suggestions

  • Daniel Forrester has worked with Congrtatulations, Bootsy Collins, and Pops Carter.

  • I sent a cd with One song on it to the station, so name and author should be available.
    Name: Daniel Forrester

  • paul slavens

    Unfortunately, I preproduce the show earlier in the week so I am unable to play it tonite, but I will check it out for next week.

  • Mike W

    hey P, found these guys on emusic. It’s a combination of Indian, Middle Eastern and jazz. Sounds pretty similar to Don Cherry’s world music experiments:

    Abrasaz Quartet–Biraminket

  • Gene

    Heard a tune you played last week by a Hawaiian guitarist that reminded me of something I listened to when I was stationed at Hickam Field back in the 70’s. I don’t remember who did the piece you played, but it sounded a lot like Billy Kaui. See if you can dig up a copy of “Waimanalo Blues” by Contry Comfort. It’s a great acoustic number and usually brings a tear to my eye when I hear it. I really enjoy the great variety of stuff you play on your show. I don’t think anyone else even comes close. Thanks, , ,

  • Tiana Wages

    Hi Paul,
    Love your show!
    Are you familiar with the Israeli singer Karolina?
    Her songs are a mix of Hebrew and English and she is very popular in Israel.
    (“What will I do now”) “Karolina” is a great CD —

    She is also part of a group called “Habanot Nechama” (it means “Nehama’s Daughters”). I think you will like it.


  • paul slavens

    thanks yall, I will check into your tasty suggestions, and thanks for the nice words.

  • Russell

    thnx for the buddy holley, Paul … and I likee the Chad VanGaalen, and all the most excellent tunes you roll. Bro. Ray takes Broadway in a different direction. Heard BB King and U2 doing “When Loves Comes to Town” this weekend. It’s done well.

  • Glen Reinecke

    Love your show Paul. Could you play Night Moves by Bob Seger?

  • Sarita

    Totally agree that Buddy Holly was ahead of his time, loved the version of Grapevine, and this Bjork song is one of my faves. Your tough drive was totally worth it to me 🙂

  • paul slavens

    Thanks for the comments, I probably won’t play Bob Segar, but I can almost guarantee you will hear that song if you switch to any one of a number of stations here in Dallas. : )

  • Russell

    for future consideration : The Pogues doing “Waxie’s Dargle” … or The Gourds covering same. And/or E. Burdon, “Sky Pilot”

  • paul slavens

    cool Russell
    I will get on it for next week

  • D Kenny

    How about a little Boz Scaggs live (Loan Me a Dime)? Great tune!

  • Reg

    The Skaatallites- Guns of Navarrone
    Les Claypool and his All Stars- The Awakening
    Pogues- Medley
    Skinny Puppy Chainsaw
    Squeeze- Is that Love?

    If you played Afrikka Bumbata did you listen to him with JOhnny Rotten on World Destruction?

  • Glen Reinecke

    I know I’m sure I will, never heard it on KXT before. But your amazing music selection so far will make up for its loss. Have you heard of the Local Natives the track Sun Hands is great!

  • Russell

    someday when you need … anything you like from “The Darjeeling Limited” soundtrack, which is not far from what plays now … unless it’s Ray Davies and his Kinks fam … which is verra good as well

  • Hey Paul, loving the show. Really liked Tutu Jones. Is there any contact info on the CD? I’d like to know who else played with him on that track and where it was recorded

  • Hey Paul,

    I came across a peppy little song by a darling from down under, the adorable Lenka; I also found a mesmerizing little video¹ she and her partner apparently produced to go along with it on YouTube which I forwarded to you with the expectation you could order it from there and play it for your audience who will then be much the happier for it. So whaddya say – does the very talented and gorgeous Lenka make the cut?

    E in A


  • paul slavens


  • Hiya Paul, really dug Tutu Jones. Would love to get a hold of that cd. Can you tell me who else he played with and what studio he used?

  • Oh, and what’s the address to get a cd to you?

  • paul slavens

    I will have to look up that Tutu record when I get home. Not sure, like I said, I tried to contact him but couldnt find him on the internet.
    best way to send me a CD is to my home address. Best if you email me at [email protected]

  • Folks,

    Regarding Ms. Lenka, she was on the Jimmy Kimmel Show about ten days ago and the song she did there¹, “Heart Skips a Beat”, came off better in that live performance, I think, than in the recorded versions on YouTube. Enjoy.

    E in A


  • Just back from the Meyerson. How about some Danielle Grubb of Forest Fire of the Booker 3, Volume 2 collection.

  • Am liking much of the stuff I’m hearing tonight, almost all of it for the first time. Especially this Ben-Harper-ish thing I’m hearing right now (“… So far, I haven’t found the science …”). As the song once said, “That’s what I like about you”.


  • paul slavens

    Thanks for the company yall
    hope you liked the show, see you next week

  • Keith

    What was the song you played around 9:36pm?
    These mesmerizing female voices in a minor key…
    I’ve heard this before but can’t find the band in yr playlist.
    Any help?