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Friday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 29 Apr 2011 7:49 AM

Today in the roundup: A couple of Hollywood legends hit town this weekend, plus the centerfold as art.


DON’T CALL ME SHIRLEY: On Saturday, Shirley MacLaine comes to Bass Hall to discuss her life and career. It’ll probably be a little more organized that Charlie Sheen’s similar venture earlier this week. At the event, MacLaine will also take questions from the audience, but before heading to town, she took a few minutes to field questions from theaterjones.com. “I’m too old to sing and dance and travel with an orchestra, but I have all that stuff I used to entertain people with and then I tell the stories about what it was like, what the secrets were, what went on and what didn’t. I don’t have a hard time talking,” she says.

MEET MALCOLM: Shirley MacLaine isn’t the only star coming to town this weekend. Malcolm McDowell will be pulling double duty with stops by the USA Film Festival and the Texas Frightmare Weekend at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Irving. And, as Chris Vognar writes on dallasnews.com, the trip is part of a very busy schedule the 68-year-old keeps.

A MINIMALIST AT MARTY WALKER: Jay Shinn’s “Centerfolds” is the newest show up at Marty Walker Gallery. Now, before you get too excited, the show isn’t about those centerfolds. Instead, Shinn takes a minimalist approach to manipulating light, shadow and shape. But don’t take my word for it – get the scoop from the man himself during his video interview with Art This Week.