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The Paul Slavens Show: April 24 2011 Live Blog

by Paul Slavens 24 Apr 2011 7:43 PM

Good Evening, hope you are having a wonderful weekend, it looks like April finally gave us some of those showers. I had a great time at Prarie Fest in Fort Worth yesterday, thanks to all the people involved and all the great bands ! This is where you can leave your polite comments and music […]


Good Evening, hope you are having a wonderful weekend, it looks like April finally gave us some of those showers. I had a great time at Prarie Fest in Fort Worth yesterday, thanks to all the people involved and all the great bands !
This is where you can leave your polite comments and music suggestions for future shows. Remember, a link if you have one.
New to me this week:
The Red 100’s
Ian & Sylvia
Julianna Barwick
Bikini Kill
Daniel Balavoine
Willis Alan Ramsey
Hilary James And Bob James
Jessie Frye
Terry Callier

Charlie Haden Quartet West – If I’m Lucky – Sophisticated Ladies
Robbie Robertson – Tango For DJango – How To Become Clairvoyant
James Brown – Woman – The Singles Vol.10 (1975-1979)
Ladytron – He Took Her To A Movie (Bertrand Burgalat Mix) – Best Of Remixes
The Red 100’s – Coffee At Midnight – Live Off The Floor
Elvis Costello – Deep Dark Truthful Mirror – Spike
Memphis Jug Band – Cocaine Habit Blues – The Best Of The Memphis Jug Band
Daniel Johnston – Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Your Grievances – Yip Jump Music
Secret Chiefs 3 – Asron – Book Of Angels: Xaphan Vol. 9
Angelo Badalamenti – Who Will Take My Dreams Away featuring Marianne Faithfull – Music For Film And Television
Marty Robbins – Don’t Worry – The Essential Marty Robbins 1951-1982 –
Ian & Sylvia – The Greenwood Side (The Cruel Mother) – Best Of The Vanguard Years
Yuja Wang – Petrouchka – Three Movements for Piano (1921) / Scene 1 – Russian Dance – transformation
Kassin+2 – O Seu Lugar – Futurismo
Tin Hat Trio – Holiday Joel – The Rodeo Eroded

Otis Redding – For Your Precious Love – Love Songs
Shawn Colvin – This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) (Live) – Polaroids: A Greatest Hits Collection
Julianna Barwick – The Magic Place – The Magic Place
Bikini Kill – Rebel Girl – The Singles
Fishboy – Aaron the Afterthought Astronaut – Classic Creeps
Daniel Balavoine – L’Aziza – Sauver L’Amour
Willis Alan Ramsey – Northeast Texas Women – Willis Alan Ramsey
Tune-Yards – Bizness – W H O K I L L
Paul Simon – Dazzling Blue – So Beautiful Or So What
Hilary James And Bob James – Storm Warning – Flesh And Blood
Jessie Frye – Prepared (Single) – Fireworks Child
Terry Callier – Just As Long As We’re In Love – What Color Is Love –
The Polyphonic Spree – Sonic Bloom – Wait
Noel Coward – I Like America – A Changing World

  • Paul Slavens

    I am here and would love to hear from you

  • Regan

    How about Buddy Rich, the greatest drummer in heaven. Or some Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem. Or check out Buddy Rich vs. Animal on youtube. I’m told the correct adjective is Epic.

  • Sackoman

    Love show great tunes…how about great 70’s tune ‘Bad Blood’ – Neil Sadeka-dayka? With Elton on choirs great song!


  • I hope you can squeeze in the Prairie Fest anthem, Oh What a Beautiful Morning, by Brother Ray Charles. Thanks again, Paul, for elevating our fest with your presence.

  • Paul Slavens

    oh heck Don, I wish I woulda known that earlier, I had already put the show together before the Fest. Next week for sure though. Cant tell you how much fun I had, gonna play some Jessie Frye and gush all over you later in the show. Have every hope of being there again next year. I got a sunburned face and a happy soul , thanks.

  • Christopher Walker

    Any Pilotdrift?? Rings of Symbols by them would be cool!

  • Anne Agura

    I love these old spirituals so much!!! a couple or three weeks ago, you did a fascinating collection of various renditions of “Corrina”, and I was reminded of some Jerry Garcia Band album long ago, which had that song. Or maybe it was a tape, I don’t know!!

    I love the Jerry Garcia Band live CD from 1991. So many great songs on it that would be great on tonight’s show: Suggestions: “The Way You Do the Things You Do” Or “Tangled Up in Blue”. Of course Corrina, Corrina, but I don’t know which CD that is on — and don’t have time to look!!

    That would be an excellent addition to tonights show!!

  • Scott (mauve Oed) Webb

    Hey, how ’bout some Otha Turner and the Afrosippi All-stars? here’s a link It’s fife and drum blues. Thanks. Love your show! Thank you!

  • Paul Slavens

    what an amazingly great idea. Can i get mp3 downloads of it? I do the show almost exclusively from mp3s

  • Andrew

    I’ve always enjoyed the unique sound of BLUE NILE’s, “Tinseltown in the Rain”. The song has a nice mid-80’s dance rhythm, heavy on the strings. Lyrics; ‘Do I love you?, Yes, I love you, But it’s easy come, and it’s easy go”.

  • Hey can you play freedom by Nine Dollar Word?
    here is the link:

    this is the one bootsy own half of…

    -Elliot Mathadew

  • Paul Slavens

    cool Andrew, I will check it out for sure

  • Hey Paul,

    Last week I mentioned Floramay Holiday Racz, I found a link to one of my favorite that she does. it is a live video though and the sound is not great but I am looking for a good audio version. Really looking forward to Barefoot.


  • Christopher Walker

    But seriously, Pilotdrift anyone? Does anyone remember them from a few years back?

  • listener mark

    +1 Bikini Kill

  • Paul Slavens

    Hey Jenna, I looked for that and came up with nothing,I need legal mp3s to download, any ideas? Can you tell me something about her?
    Ellio thanks for the link, is it a downloadable , playable mp3?

  • tybonium

    I love Bikini Kill and Jessie Frye!! This is the first time I’ve caught your show, and I am loving the mix! I would love to here some Ani Difranco if you have it, or some Nikka Costa. I’m sure I’ll be tuning in next week too.

  • Regan

    Chemical Brothers- Loops of Fury
    Ink Spots- Maybe

  • Paul Slavens

    thanks for the cool suggestions and nice comments , check back in next sunday nite, I will do my best for you.

  • tybonium

    the last 2 songs give me the vibe from Bjork’s song “earth intruder”, or something off the Medulla album. Mainly the use of voices as instruments. Very cool effect.

  • Hi Paul,
    I listen to you each week and have seen you a couple of times at Dan’s (my favorite venue) Are you familiar with the band “Old Man Markley”? They are an LA based punk/bluegrass band, and they are great! Please check them out. Thanks for the great show.

  • Paul Slavens

    Thanks everyone, see you next sunday !!

  • How about “The Big One is Coming” by that band called Ten Hands. My cassette is not handy. We will forgive you for playing your own music when requested.

  • Rebecca & Francois

    Sorry for the delay, but thanks ever so for playing ‘L’Azzia’ – gotta love ’80s Europop!

    Was wondering if perhaps next week you could play something by Hugh Masekela or his ex-, Miriam Makeba (maybe ‘Pata Pata’)? Would be great to hear some Portishead or ‘Regina’ by the Sugarcubes as well.


  • Donald Whynott

    There are two albums I used to own but I think they wree stolen by somebody. One was by Root Boy Slim (ca.1975) and had funny songs on it like “Hertbreak of psoriasis” and “He’s not too old for you” The album was called Boogie til you puke. The othjer one (ca. 1979-80) was by Aguy fron Gary Indiana callede Skafish. It has disturbing songs Like “We’ll see a psychiatrist” and “romantic lessons” This last is about a lonely guy stalking happy couples and miserating with himself. Check it out.