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Thursday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 21 Apr 2011 7:23 AM

Today in the roundup: Fund-raising around fashion exhibitions, music bits and Twyla talks.


FASHION AS ART: The intersection of fashion and art is a subject you’ll be hearing a lot about between now and November, when the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition opens at the Dallas Museum of Art. And the DMA isn’t the only museum wading into the fashion world, as The New York Times notes. The interesting takeaway from the story is that regardless of where you fall on the “is fashion art?” question, it’s undeniable that these exhibitions offer museums major fund-raising opportunities.

MUSIC BITS: Erykah Badu played Coachella on Saturday, and thanks to the interwebs, you can watch the performance. (DC9 at Night) … Fort Worth Weekly has announced that June 26 is the date for its annual music awards. And this year’s event promises more venues and more bands than last year. ( … The producers who run the Texas Theatre have identified their next project. It involves both music and film and focuses on the songs of Will Rogers as interpreted by a singer from the legend’s home state. (

QUOTABLE: “I do think that structure has meaning. It resonates with the audience because they’ve seen it before. They’ve already made an investment in the material. The bottom line is, if you bring it back, you’re being positive, nothing is wasted and there’s actually hope that what you’re doing doesn’t just disappear.”

— Twyla Tharp, on why she builds her dances on recognizable patterns, in an interview with You can be the first to see her latest pas de deux on Saturday at the Winspear during TITAS’ Command Performance.