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Hong Kong Developer Creates 'Art Malls,' Has Never Seen NorthPark

by Jerome Weeks 15 Apr 2011 4:29 PM

Hong Kong real-estate mogul Adrian Chen says the Chinese are yearning for a different retail experience. So he’s creating a line of “K11″ malls” featuring local artists in gallery-like settings amid high-end shops.


Young Hong Kong real-estate mogul Adrian Chen — grandson of one of Hong Kong’s richest tycoons — says the Chinese are yearning for a different retail experience, something more than just walking around the same old shopping boxes.

So he’s creating a line of “K11″ malls” — he’s already got one in Hong Kong and another in the central China city of Wuhan — malls that feature local artists (and in Wuhan, urban farming). And he’s in Paris promoting the idea and promoting Chinese artists.

“I try to inject an art gallery, an art museum kind of experience into the whole retail experience,” said Cheng, an amateur painter who favours D&G and Yves Saint Laurent over grey flannel suits.

In Hong Kong, K11 is anchored to a bigger New World venture, the 64-storey Masterpiece luxury hotel and apartment tower in the Tsim Sha Shui district where a one-bedroom flat once sold for $3.16 million …

Its six floors are lit more like an art gallery, and between the trendy shops are large showcases for rotating exhibitions. On a lower floor, a towering tree-like sculpture takes pride of place.

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    The reason why there is a art mall, and the realty developers in HK embrace arts so suddenly is the possibility of being chosen by the gov’t to develop a huge residential/commercial project in the west Kowloon Cultural Hub. It is a blood sucking exercise that a growing number of artists are lured to get exposure BUT also get manipulated by the developers. this is rotten. You can read more on the following for real critical reviews: