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The Paul Slavens Show: Live Blog for April 10 2011

by Paul Slavens 10 Apr 2011 7:41 PM

It’s Sunday night. Click through to leave a song suggestion or message for Paul Slavens during his show.


Its a lovely evening to sit out on the veranda, sip some vino and check out some groovy tunes.
This is where you can leave your polite comments and music suggestions. Please leave a link to where the music can be purchased or listened to.
New to me this week:
Tim Kasher
Roy Ayers
Paul Desmond
Christine Pilzer
Chris Bouchillon
Grace Askew
Beats Antique

  • Paul Slavens

    yo yo yo
    I am here and ready to hear what you got to lay on me.

  • Wes Cantrell

    Liking the electronica. Strobe by Deadmau5 would be amazing on such a wonderful evening.

  • YES! One of my favorite Steely Dan tracks. I once heard a pretty good cover of it at my local grocery store, looked it up online and turns out it’s by Ivy.

    One song that I’ve had stuck in my head for a while now is “All You Need is Hate” by The Delgados.
    Buy it here:

  • david carroll

    holy crap….was just gonna ask for some sly….intime baby…..been listening to betty davis… irreverent free lovin’ 70’s freakout…..i don’t know how she slipped past me…..anyway…hope you’re good……

    also…..the tune vale todos, by los munequitos de matanzas would equally freak me out….from the album vacunao…….love the diversity…..

    peace, d

  • Paul Slavens

    Betty Davis, oh yeah, If im in luck I just might get picked up.
    I will check that delgados and the strobe , thanks yall

  • Russell

    Thanks for the Danny Lanois, Dr. Paul. Duly enjoyed.

  • Wes Cantrell

    Oh, and thanks for playing Down In the Hole. Ive been watching The Wire and it was perfect!

  • I have discovered some great French artists lately, this guy is a new favorite of mine.
    Bertrand Cantat from Noir Desir.

  • Doug

    Great show. Smoke City – Underwater Love. Do it. Winning.

  • Paul Slavens

    Kirsten and Doug. i will do it and I will win.

  • Russell

    A possibility:

    The Stranglers doing ‘Peaches’:

  • Russell

    Thanks also for the Herb Alpert. It reminds me of Sunday afternoons in the mid-60s

  • Paul Slavens

    Russel, havent played that one in a long time, thanx

  • Vie

    Anything by Ben Folds.

  • Hi Paul- Miguel and Sarah here from Mariachi Quetzal listening on the road driving back from a gag. Oops I mean gig.

    How about Linda Ronstadt whether it’s in the style of mariachi or anything else she was known for. You’re cool.

  • Amanda

    Thanks for playing The Knife. Refreshing to hear something that reminds me of the original KXT.

  • Rebecca & Fran├žois

    Hiya, Paul!

    How about ‘Popcorn’ by Hot Butter and a bit of Isabelle Adjani (yes, she sings!) while you’re at it?

    Many thanks!
    Rebecca & Fran├žois

  • Russell

    Brilliant cover of S&G’s ’59th Street Bridge’ groovy tune. Had not heard it that way before. Coo’.

  • Russell

    spillin’ it now … thanks once again for the smile, Paul

  • Paul

    thx, mucho mas for the Herb Alpert … “sunshine superman” by donovan just popped into my head as a contender for grooviness.

  • Russell

    all I can say for mssr. leitch’s ‘sunshine superman’ for a groovinator status is: “Brilliant!”

  • Kelliblue

    Hey Paul – how about some MORPHINE? Man, I miss Mark Sandman…

  • listener mark

    Evening Paul, That last track reminded me a lot of Selected Ambient Works 85-92 by Aphex Twin (I think they both owe a lot to Eno.) Here is a link to the first track Xtal:

  • Paul Slavens

    Thanks for all the suggestions folks. I sure do appreciate the company and the input.

  • James

    Dying to know the song you played about 9:45ish sounded like the name was Oh what a beautiful mess, the lady’s voice sounded like Fionna Apple (kinda). All I can find is a Jason Mraz, perhaps it was a cover?

  • Russell

    superb show as always, Paul. many thanks.

  • peregrine

    Thanks for playing such great music. Possible suggestion for future sessions:

    Group-Hothouse Flowers; Album-Songs From The Rain; Songs-This Is It (Your Soul) and/or An Emotional Time/Songs From The Rain. Goes back to 1995, but it’s beautiful music.

    Thanks for what you do. I love your show.

  • James

    Nevermind…duh, you listed her name at the top of your page. Grace Askew. Love it!

  • peregrine

    Oh, thought of something funny and unusual – ‘Underwater Rhymes’ by Digital Underground. Don’t know if it’d fit the playlist, but it’s a suggestion. Thanks!