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A Suite Art Fair Just Up The Hill

by Brad Ford Smith 8 Apr 2011 4:47 PM

Guest blogger Brad Ford Smith checks out the Suite Art Fair and says it’s worth the trip.


Guest blogger Brad Ford Smith is a Dallas artist and art conservator.

Just across the river and up the hill from the Dallas Art Fair is a wonderful art event called the Suite Art Fair. The Belmont Hotel bungalows have been transformed into art-packed gallery spaces. You can’t miss them, just follow the big green and red Macrodon (above). This art fair has a vibrancy that is generated by galleries that focus on artists with more passion than fame. In other words, here you will find the just discovered, the emerging and the mid-career artists. Artists who still experiment and take chances, but who are also dedicated to their art.

John Vogl at We Are 1976

You’ll find artists like Bill Zinser from The Public Trust, who used his DMA grant money to construct the giant Macrodon. And Furry Trophies by Jennifer Chenoweth at Decorazon. And in case you didn’t make it to Flatstock at SXSW, We Are 1976 has four graphic artist from that event they are introducing to Dallas. Also from Austin is Flatbed Press. They have a set of prints from James Surls that are fantastic, and the thumb print of Elvis Presley by Jeff Scott is such a dark rich black that it transcends mere thumbness. With 15 galleries, there is lots to see at this smaller of the two art fairs. Click here for the event details and  participating gallery list.

Jeff Scott at Flatbed Press

And remember, YOU matter to the arts in Dallas. Every time you attend an art event, your support is making a difference. If you want to see more events like the Suite Art Fair in Dallas, show up.