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Hung Liu, Dallas Art Fair Aperitif

by Brad Ford Smith 7 Apr 2011 2:54 PM

It’s a big weekend in local visual arts. The Dallas Art Fair starts this evening, and guest blogger Brad Ford Smith gives us a little preview of one artist at the fair whose work you might want to check out. And he reminds us about new shows at the Nasher, the Contemporary and the Belmont Hotel.


Guest blogger Brad Ford Smith is a Dallas artist and art conservator.Detail of Venus 2

As one of the side events to the Dallas Art Fair, The Turner Carroll Gallery in Santa Fe has teamed up with the Hotel Za Za to present artworks by Hung Liu at the Stay Za Za Art House and Social Gallery (an event concept space next door to the hotel)

Hung Liu is best known for her resin paintings inspired by historic photographs from China. These shiny resin painting are actually very complex mixed media constructions, what Ms. Hung humorously refers to as za zhong paintings… for those of us with a DISD education, that translates into hybird or bastard paintings. These… za zhong paintings often start out with a gilded background, the images are constructed from oil paint and cut up lithographs, sandwiched between 6,7,8 layers of water clear resin. The resulting lushness pulls your eye into the surface as you try to figure out what is causing painting to shimmer.

YangThis exhibit fleshes out Ms. Liu’s art practice by presenting more than just her signature resin paintings. There is also traditional oil on canvas, an amazingly detailed tapestry, and a video.  Ms. Hung has worked her way into a happy art place where people and organizations now approach her with opportunities to play.

And just in case you’re hungry for more, the Hotel Za Za around the corner has more of her work on display. To sum it up, these are all very well crafted works that should be seen in person.

A few other side events you should be sampling this weekend are the art packed Neiman Marcus windows downtown (Free), The Statuesque sculpture show at the Nasher Sculpture Center (Free admission with DAF ticket stub) and the Suite Art Fair at the Belmont Hotel (Free shuttle bus to and from the DAF)