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The Paul Slavens Show: Live Blog for April 3, 2011

by Paul Slavens 3 Apr 2011 7:38 PM

This is were you can leave your polite comments and suggestions for music to check out. Please leave a link where we can check out or purchase the music, if you can.


Hoooeeey! I just came from a mudbug boil! I love me some bugs!! Now I am ready to kick back and check out some tunage with you.This is were you can leave your polite comments and suggestions for music to check out. Please leave a link where we can check out or purchase the music, if you can.
New to me this week: Elis Regena, Baaska and Scavelli, Little Jimmy Dickens, Novaak, Blue Verhey and Harbor.

Tonight’s setlist:

Elis Regina, “Modinha,” Elis & Tom
The Temptations, “Superstar (Remember How You Got Where You Are),”
Motown’s Greatest Hits
Señor Coconut, “Showroom Dummies (Radio Edit),” El Baile Aleman
Brigitte Bardot, “Bonnie And Clyde,” Monsieur Gainsbourg Originals
Robert Gomez, “Closer Still,” Brand New Towns
Harpo Marx, “Imagination,” Harpo At Work
Baaska & Scavelli, “Get Off The Ground,” Get Off The Ground
XTC, “Season Cycle (2001 Digital Remaster),” Skylarking
The Cramps, “I Was  A Teenage Werewolf,” Songs The Lord Taught Us
Stereolab, “Percolator,” Emperor Tomato Ketchup
Little Jimmy Dickens, “Take An Old Cold ‘Tater,” Raisin’ The Dickens
Esperanza Spalding, “Little Fly,” Chamber Music Society
The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, “Trainman (LP Version),” Sometimes I
Just Feel Like Smilin’

Esquivel, “Surf Board,” Space Age Bachelor Pad Music
Frank Sinatra, “It Was A Very Good Year (Remastered),” Nothing But The Best: The Frank Sinatra Collection
Phoebe Snow, “San Francisco Bay Blues,” Phoebe Snow
Queen, “Love Of My Life,” A Night At The Opera
John Williams, “The Emperor Arrives,” Return Of The Jedi
John Vanderslice, “The Piano Lesson,” White Wilderness
Novaak, “Mr. Memory,” I Am You Are
Prince, “Goin Courtin’,” Emancipation I
Bibio, “Mind Bokeh,” Mind Bokeh
Wings, “Let ‘Em In,” Wingspan
Sparklehorse, “Ghost of His Smile,” Good Morning Spider
Blue Verhey, “A Little Piece Please,” The Ridding of Nouns
Emiliana Torrini, “White Rabbit,” Sucker Punch: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Radiohead, “Codex,” The King Of Limbs
The Zombies, “The Way I Feel Inside,” The Original Studio Recordings
Harbor, “Holography,” Harbors
The Four Lads, “Istanbul (Not Constantinople),” 16 Most Requested Songs

  • Paul Slavens

    ok, I am in the control room and ready to control.
    talk to me.

  • Kevin Kunreuther

    mmm, mud bugs. Say, aren’t lobsters nothing more than large sea-bugs?

  • Got lots of Booker T. Washington student and former student music for you. Sent an e-mail to you at the station address. The student album comes out this Tuesday. The station has one copy and you will get your own copy. Where would you like the albums delivered?
    Ben would like to hear some Snarky Puppy.

  • Please check out these three new originals by local musician Matt Barron. I’m hooked on KXT 24/7 and would love to hear these mixed in to the wonderfully random playlists! I have the mp3’s but no way to play them… so hit me if you’d like the mp3’s. LOL

  • Juan

    Hey Paul! Here’s a song I have never heard on radio before. It’s Tom Waits’ Way Down in The Hole sung by The Five Blind Boys From Alabama. It was used as the theme to David Simon’s HBO series The Wire.

  • I would love to hear this one on the radio…

    Nneka – Heartbeat

  • Paul Slavens

    cool y’all
    I will be checkin this all out
    keep em coming

  • Paul Slavens

    @Lee are you facebooked? if so just send me a friend request with a message and I will give you the email addy.

  • Done, Graybeard. The website will be updated on Tuesday to include Booker 3, Volume 2. It only shows Volume 1 still.

  • Joseba

    …Been listening to the monthly offering on David Byrne radio…it’s all Japanese this month…anyway he’s playing a number of tunes by a guy named Ichi…this one cracks me up everytime I hear it アヒルと水兵 (Duck & Sailorman) Ichi.

    Check it out!

  • Chip

    Paul, I recently came across TV Girl and found them interesting. Theit song “If You Want It (You Got It)” is what got me interested.

    They seem to only have a free EP out so far, so may not fit your play criteria, but worth a listen.


  • Paul Slavens

    those are some good interesting suggestions, I will check em out

  • Jeff

    Hey Paul, It’d be awesome if you played The Funeral by Band of Horses. Its one of my favorite songs.

  • I just discovered this artist, Grace Askew. Great voice!

  • Paul Slavens

    ok, I will get it in the mix next week

  • Kevin Kunreuther

    Request for next week:Phoebe LeGere, Sometimes It Snows In Las Vegas, from Oh La La Coq Tail []

  • Paul Slavens

    Phoebe is my muse and a friend, I will surely try to get some of her weird music on

  • listener mark

    Prince +1

  • Lisa

    Hi Paul,
    Thanks for playing old Paul; reminds me of being a young girl in the salad days!!! You should check out an artist named Jolie Holland. I found out about her several years ago from Bill.

  • Paul Slavens

    Well I guess thats it for this week, leave your suggestions thoughout the week. Thanks for listening and writing

  • Thanks for the airplay, Paul!