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The Paul Slavens Show:Live blog for March 27, 2011

by Paul Slavens 27 Mar 2011 8:02 PM

This is where you can leave your polite comments and music suggestions. Make sure to leave a link to where we can listen to or purchase the music.


Hey there!  This is where you can leave your polite comments and music suggestions.  Make sure to leave a link to where we can listen to or purchase the music.

New to me this week:
Paper Bird
Steel Pole Bathtub
Pinetop Perkins
Odd Nosdam
Nite jewel
Ralph White
Anais Mitchell
Ok Sweetheart

Tonight’s playlist:  

Barbra Streisand, “Stoney End,” Stoney End
Flying Lotus, “Kill Your Co-Workers,” Pattern+Grid World
Rufus Wainwright, “Vicious World,” Want One
Paper Bird, “Cryptozoology,” Cryptozoology

Spooky Folk
, “This Sleep,” Spooky Folk
Steel Pole Bathtub, “Park Night,” Unlistenable
Camille, “Ta Douleur,” Le Fil
Pinetop Perkins, “I Almost Lost My Mind,” Down In Mississippi

Françoise Hardy
, “Comment Te Dire Adieu” (It Hurts To Say Goodbye),
Comment Te Dire Adieu
Odd Nosdam, “One for Dallas,” T.I.M.E. Soundtrack
Ezra Furman And The Harpoons, “Take Off Your Sunglasses,” Inside The
Human Body

Nite Jewel, “Falling Far,” Am I Real? EP

, “Winter Dies,” The Courage Of Others
Ralph White, “Fat Old Sun,” The Mongrel’s Hoard
Xavier Rudd, “Stargaze,” White Moth

Anais Mitchell, “Flowers” (Eurydice’s Song), Hadestown
Jacques Zoon, “Six Bagatelles for Wind Quintet (1953), 3. Allegro
grazioso, attacca subito,” György Ligeti, Clear or Cloudy
Efterklang, “Modern Drift,” Magic Chairs
Frank Zappa & Captain Beefheart, “Cucamonga,” Bongo Fury [Remaster]
OK Sweetheart, “Leaving,” Home
Jane Powell, Tommy Rall, Russ Tamblyn, Marc Platt, Matt Mattox,
Jacques D’Amboise, Jeff Richards, Howard Hudson, Gene Lanham & Robert
, “Goin’ Co’tin’” (Album Version), Seven Brides For Seven
, O.S.T
Lite, “Image Game,” Illuminate
Harry Nilsson, “Cowboy,” Nilsson Sings Newman

The Twilight Singers
, “On The Corner,” Dynamite Steps
The Go! Team, “Secretary Song,” Rolling Blackouts (Amazon MP3 Exclusive
Liars, “Scarecrows In A Killer Slant,” Sisterworld 4 Track Album Sampler

Randy Newman
, “If You Need Oil,” 12 Songs
Kate Bush, “King of the Mountain,” Aerial
Beck, “Summer Girl,” Bootleg
Ralph Mooney, “Moon’s Boogie,” Wail Man Wail! Non-stop Original
Rockabilly and Chicken Bop

  • Paul Slavens

    ok, I am here please communicate with me!

  • Kelliblue

    hey Paul how about some Sour Soul from Mexico City? Kinda fun and kitschy…and they’re coming to town apparently. 🙂

  • Juan

    Liking the music I’m hearing. If it wasn’t for this show, I don’t know how I would of discovered M83. A song that I recommend is the Bonnie And Clyde by Serge Gainsbourg & Brigitte Bardot. This is the most famous song between this couple here.

  • Paul Slavens

    far out
    I will check em out

  • Jonathan bevill

    Hey Paul! Haven’t heard The Cramps on the radio in… Well never! Could you play I was a teenage werewolf? That would be so much fun! Thanks, Jonathan

  • TomH

    Some I’m sure you are familiar with. But anyway: Sharkey’s Night (laurie anderson), As Tears Go By (stones), So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright (S&G), Citizens of the World (Didjiworks), Blues Man (Steven Stills), The Waters of March (Susannah McCorkle), Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down) (Ween). Polanski will wait.

  • paul slavens

    I will look into all those for next week Tom.
    I have played most of that, but there are a few new things. a nice mix !
    I usually play that cramps song on Halloween, but for you, I will throw it in

  • Napoleon xiv – They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!

  • paul slavens

    Wow, that’s the second halloween suggestion tonite. Maybe we are at calendar opposition to halloween or something.

  • Lois

    OK-what was the French artist – I couldn’t interpret fast enough – Blah, Blah Adieu something. Loved it and the one by Camille. Thanks.

  • paul slavens

    Francoise Hardy-Comment te dire adieu

  • TJ

    Wow! Haven’t heard Steel Pole Bathtub in a long time. I saw them open for Faith No More in 95 at the Bomb Factory.

  • Jonny

    Hey Paul I just found a local band from Denton on YouTube called Little Black Hymnal. They haven’t had too many hits so I think they’re pretty up-and-coming, but their song Something Wicked is pretty good. Very cool relation to the Bradbury novel. Just a new suggestion.

  • paul slavens

    Wow, I had never heard of Steel Tub before this week.

    I will check out Little Black Hymnal. Do they have a CD?

  • Jonny

    I’m not sure. they do have an email though. [email protected]
    They are awesome! Like if bob Dylan and glen Danzig had a baby haha!

  • regan

    Speaking of local music, Robert Gomez – “Closer Still”

  • Thanks for including LITE this week. I’m on a roll with crazy Japanese instrumental stuff right now, so considering your keyboard inclinations, I thought you might also dig Mouse on the Keys.

    Check ’em out and think about it….

  • TomH

    I didn’t know you were this open minded (yeah I did). More old time stupidity – Fats Waller’s ‘Your Feets too big’.

  • paul slavens

    this is all good

  • Cory

    Hey Paul, how about “let em in” by mccartney?

  • Cory

    Also, maybe some Saul Williams!

  • paul slavens

    yes and yes

  • TomH

    Can’t get this quality of music in AR, there’s a local radio station out of Rich Mountain Community College, Mena AR. They can’t afford ASCAP/BMI fees to broadcast on the internet. They are are a great radio station hampered by $. I know you can identify.

  • Ed in Arlington

    Lots of interesting sounds tonight; I think I liked the last set the most.

  • Ed in Arlington

    And (just ’cause we hain’t heard from that guy in a while), “How about playing some post-bands music?”.