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VIDEO: On the Road with Sarah Jaffe

by Anne Bothwell 23 Mar 2011 5:08 PM

Sarah Jaffe rounds out our On The Road series – at least for now – with this video performance of “Before You Go,” recorded in an Austin hotel room during SXSW.


The last installment from SXSW in our On the Road video series finds Sarah Jaffe singing “Before You Go” in an Austin hotel room.  Many thanks to all the artists who participated. And special big ups to  April Kinser and Dane Walters for their work on this series, which we hope to continue. For more from Sarah, check out her q/a below.  And here’s where you can hear NPR’s recording of Sarah’s performance at SXSW.

What bands are you looking forward to seeing?

Well I missed out yesterday because I had too much to drink, but I really wanted to see the Kills and I wanted to see the Strokes. But I’m looking forward to seeing Chromeo tonight.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?

I’m a pretty closed-mouth person, but I tend to become even more so. I try to mentally let go of any pre-show anxiety and also let go of any apprehension. And I also enjoy every once in a while partaking in a toast with my bandmates. I like cheap champagne.

What’s been your most embarrassing moment on stage?

I’m pretty sure when I first started playing that I mispronounced the last name of a guitarist I played with a while ago. It was incredibly awkward because we were fairly good friends. Any sort of word flub is always kind of embarrassing, but I always try to play it off a little bit.

What’s the ultimate road trip song?

ELO’s “Telephone Line” is really good. Also, you know, I’m kind of a sucker for Top 40 radio. I enjoy a lot of that and a lot of older stuff as well. I always try to compromise with those things because I think when I put on something that’s Top 40, my bandmates are dying in the back.

What’s been your biggest career highlight?

Touring with Midlake in Europe last year was pretty phenomenal. I turned 24 in Amsterdam, which you couldn’t have timed it better. It was just being with friends and playing in these very ethereal places. It was pretty miraculous. Every night was a dream. It’s all been really great. Dallas has been so supportive and a very big launching pad for m

  • cad

    <3 ya sarah! Thanks for posting this guys!

  • Anne Bothwell

    Thank YOU for watching!