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VIDEO: On the Road with The O’s at the Austin Motel

by Anne Bothwell 21 Mar 2011 2:07 PM

On the Road continues: Up today: The O’s in front of the Austin Motel and the “Greater Austin South Congress O’s Shrub.”


South by Southwest is over, but we’ve got more videos coming. Today check out the O’s, who performed “We’ll go Walkin'” for us in front of the Austin Motel.  Taylor Young and John Pedigo were also kind enough to answer a few q’s, which you can read below.

What’s your favorite venue to play in Austin and why?

Taylor: The Parish is totally badass, but probably the Mohawk is our favorite because we’ve had the best time there so far.

John: I love the Mohawk.

What’s your most embarrassing moment on stage?

Taylor: That time that we killed it too much.

John: Boom!

What is your biggest career highlight?

John: Right now, with KXT, in front of the greatest shrub that Austin knows.

Taylor: It’s now called “The O’s Shrub.”

John: It’s called the “Greater Austin South Congress O’s Shrub.”

Are there any bandmates that have any annoying habits in your group and what are they?

Taylor: Let’s start with the most annoying: Too much fun.

John: Yes, we do have too much fun together. I don’t know. I think we get along pretty well. That’s why we’re in a band together. That’s kind of a lame response isn’t it? Actually, he doesn’t groom enough.

Taylor: Yeah, like, sometimes he gets pissed off because I don’t shave my beard to a three guard, when he wants a four guard.

John: I don’t know, it’s all about image, you know?

Taylor: Sometimes he’s like “Why?” And I’m like “Because!”

John: As (Andre) Agassi said, “Image is everything.”

Is there an annoying audience habit you’d like to share?

John: I’ll just say a name: Pete Reece.

Taylor: Wow, that’s a slam

John: I love you Pete.