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The Wednesday Morning Roundup

by Jerome Weeks 16 Mar 2011 6:39 AM

We have a death in the Fort Worth Circle of pioneering artists, young artists up at the DMA and a non-agreement agreement over Ansel Adams.


The Circle is broken: Kelly Fearing, a member of the groundbreaking Fort Worth Circle of artists in the 1940s and ’50s, died Sunday of congestive heart failure at his home in Austin. The Fort Worth Circle broke with the social realism that dominated Texas art at the time to explore abstraction, surrealism and symbolism. Fearing, a painter, went on to teach for four decades in the art department at UT-Austin. The Circle was commemorated in a 2008 exhibition at the Amon Carter, Intimate Modernism.

Lady Gaga performed at the American Airlines Center Monday night.

Masterful: This year’s Young Masters exhibition is up at the Dallas Museum of Art. It’s a selection of 48 works by AP studio art and music students from 13-area high schools. This year, for the first time, the 2D and 3D art works are joined by essays by AP Art history students (about works in the DMA collection) and original, 4-minute compositions by AP music theory students.

Some kind of agreement: Remember the guy who found 65 “lost” glass-plate negatives of photographer Ansel Adams’ work in a Fresno garage sale? The controversy over whether they were authentic, early Adams photographs happened to rage last summer during the Amon Carter’s “Eloquent Light” exhibition of Adams’ work. Well, the federal lawsuit has been settled — more or less. Rick Norsigian has agreed he will stop using Ansel Adams’ name, likeness or the “Ansel Adams” trademark as he continues to sell prints and posters of Yosemite National Park and coastal California. But both sides, Norsigian and the Adams Trust, continue to deny each other’s claims about the negatives’ authenticity — or lack thereof.