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Tuesday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 8 Mar 2011 7:54 AM

Today in the roundup: John Oliver talks Texas, local music bits and assessing DSM’s 2011 season.


BRITISH INVASION: At this point, John Oliver is the go-to guy when The Daily Show really wants to bring the funny from the field. And on Saturday, he’s bringing that funny to the House of Blues. It won’t be his first trip to the state though – he once filed a report about Texas’ flirtation with secession. “I’m still reeling from some brisket that I ate in Houston,” Oliver tells KERA’s Tellyspotting blog in a Q&A. “My British palate has never had such flavors to comprehend. For its meat alone, the rest of the United States should never let Texas secede.”

MUSIC BITS: Bowling for Soup announces a date for its new album, while Sarah Jaffe gets a reissue. (DC9 at Night) … In the 35 Conferette’s Locals Covering Headliners series, Flowers of God puts its spin on the Staples Singers’ “Heavy Makes You Happy.” (35conferette.com) … Rhett Miller does a quickie Q&A with SXSW’s website, in which we learn that he wishes his super power could be invisibility. (sxsw.com)

SUMMER’S HERE: Dallas Summer Musical’s 2011 season begins next week with Tommy Tune: Steps in Time. Mark Lowry over at theaterjones.com had previously written that he didn’t think this season was all that strong. And now he sits down with Michael Jenkins to talk it out for a podcast.